Lucky Creation is a Buddhist vegetarian place with a good vibe for people who are into food. Everyone checks out other tables’ orders as they arrive to see what looks good, says fine wino. Braised bean curd with assorted vegetables hot pot is good–the tofu has a lovely, light texture inside, and the gluten and mushrooms are very flavorful, though the sauce may be a bit bland for some–it’s the kind of thing you want when you’re sick. KK’s all-time favorite here is the stir-fry of mushroom, wheat gluten, and Shanghainese greens ($8 or$9).Joel is a big fan of the pseudo-meats in the refrigerated case in the front–ranging from barbecue “pork” to “duck” to various “innards”. You can get them to take out. Again, there’s no real meat here–killing animals isn’t very Buddhist–and you also won’t find any garlic or onions in any of the dishes on the menu. A waitress once blushingly told Joel that they are too “stimulating.”

Lucky Creation Vegetarian [Chinatown]
854 Washington St., San Francisco

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