Konditor Meister in Braintree makes some “crave-worthy” pastries, random amblings says, including cannoli and cream puffs. But it’s the cakes that really have hounds impressed.

Boston_Otter recommends the mocha-chocolate cake with chocolate-dipped strawberries: It’s “moist, many-layered [and] delicious.” Both Kat and Jenny Ondioline had cakes from Konditor Meister at their weddings, and they were “not only delicious but beautiful too,” says Kat. southie_chick particularly likes the “outstanding” strawberry shortcake with whipped cream frosting. “Vanilla cake isn’t one of my favorites, but I make an exception for this,” southie_chick says. This may also be a good option for hounds who find the bakery’s buttercream frosting too sweet.

Konditor Meister [South Shore]
32 Wood Road, Braintree

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Photograph from www.konditormeister.com

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