Misoya’s Cold Ramen: East Village Chill-Out

The forecast this week is 90 degrees and oppressive, so cold hiyashi ramen, new to the menu at Ramen Misoya, sounds like a smart call. Ricky says the noodles come in sesame–shiro miso broth with a boiled egg, barbecued and ground pork, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chopped hazelnut. It's a full-bodied dish with a wide range of flavors that harmonize well, foodwhisperer says. Add some tartness, if you like, with a sprinkle of apple vinegar. Misoya, a past hound favorite, stumbles only on the barbecued pork, which is hit-or-miss.

Ramen Misoya [East Village]
129 Second Avenue (between E. Seventh Street and St. Marks Place), Manhattan


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