Pig & Pie in San Francisco’s 24th Street corridor wasn’t technically up and running when JQinSF wandered by during the soft opening, but that didn’t prevent this new hound from stopping in and reporting back on the menu.

“Everything is made in-house. You can even pull up to the side bar to watch some stage of sausages being made.” Scrimshaw pilsner, Linden Street Burning Oak Black Lager, North Coast Brewing Le Merle saison, and a very dry cider are all on tap. And after trying the boudin blanc and a Chicago dog, JQinSF notes that sausages “are presented on fresh locally-made rolls with lots of fresh toppings. The pickled sides looked wonderful. Both the shaker lemon and spicy pecan pies, also baked right there, were delicious.”

Pig & Pie [Mission District]
2962 24th Street, San Francisco

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