The reigning champ of LA’s mobile lobster rolls: Lobsta Truck. Prices are high, but it’s still an incredible deal, says janetms383. “Three ounces of succulent lobster drenched in butter on a toasted bun for $12. Outrageous.” And WildSwede thinks the Dungeness crab rolls with butter are even better than the lobster ones.

But there’s a new competitor in town, Cousins Maine Lobster. GK in SO likes it better than Lobsta Truck: The rolls are tastier, better dressed, and contain more lobster (sustainably harvested, though a bit tough).

Check both trucks’ websites for weekly schedules.

Lobsta Truck [Mobile]
No formal address, see website for location info
No phone available

Cousins Maine Lobster [Mobile]
No formal address, see website for location info

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Photograph of Lobsta Truck by J.L.

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