A hot toddy is a warm drink made from hot water, sweetener, spirits, and, usually, lemon. Most basic recipes include honey, whiskey, and lemon juice. But brandy and rum are also popular alternatives; some toddies are sweetened with sugar; and some add a cinnamon stick as stirrer.

To make a basic hot toddy, place a shot of whiskey, brandy, or rum in a mug, add a spoonful of honey or sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice or a lemon slice, and fill with hot water, adjusting proportions to taste.

tdo ca says many Irish pubs serve a variation called Hot Whiskey: stud a lemon slice with cloves; muddle a teaspoon of sugar (or to taste) into a shot of whiskey in a glass and add add the lemon slice; fill glass with hot water and stir.

Hot toddies have a restorative reputation, and many generations have sworn by them for relief of sore throats and other cold symptoms “They cure what ails ya!” proclaims soozycue520. Some make curative hot toddies with brewed tea in place of plain hot water.

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