Invisible from the street, Diamond Dairy is a breakfast and lunch spot that’s been tucked away on the mezzanine of the National Jewelers Exchange for more than five decades. The chow receives mixed marks from hounds, and some of the menu is best avoided (vegetable lo mein or linguine marinara, for example).

But order carefully and you can enjoy a cheap, sturdy, and comforting lunch. Peter Cherches reports excellent cheese blintzes, potato pancakes, and especially bowtie noodles with cabbage–a delightfully simple dish of sauteed chopped cabbage with black pepper over perfectly chewy noodles. “The waitress was delightful, too,” he adds, “the ‘nice’ Jewish mother I never had.”

Diamond Dairy Kosher Luncheonette [Diamond District]
4 W. 47th St., between 5th and 6th Aves., in National Jewelers Exchange, Manhattan

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