Flushing’s Chinatown has been pushing south in recent years, and now a Chinese mini-quarter has emerged in Queensboro Hill near the LIE. The newest addition to the neighborhood is Lake Pavilion, a Cantonese seafood and dim sum house opened a month ago by the owners of the fondly remembered East Lake, which closed a few years back.

Polecat‘s recent lunch suggests that this kitchen knows its stuff. Fat, juicy sea scallops and perfectly chewy conch came in a mildly spicy XO sauce that was added with a light hand. “If it’s an indication of what they can do with the rest of their vast menu,” he says, “then these guys are a keeper.” Pookipichu discerned a similar deft touch in a light, flavorful mixed mushroom dish; juicy, caramelized lamb chops with onions and peppers; and tender, delicately cooked lobster with shrimp. At Robotron‘s recent family feast, chicken with crispy skin, steamed crabs over noodles, and salt-and-pepper fried fish were right on target; misfires were overcooked lamb chops and underseasoned noodles with mushrooms.

Though Lake Pavilion occupies a cavernous space, it’s often packed. But you can grab something quick at an adjoining takeout counter that sells roasted meats, buns, and other bites. The duck and barbecued pork are excellent: “extremely tasty, yet not overly salty as these things can be,” says EricMM.

Lake Pavilion [Flushing]
60-15 Main Street (near 60th Avenue), Flushing, Queens

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