King-Size Walnuts with a Family Secret

New Kam Man, the food emporium on Canal Street in Chinatown, is selling some big and uncommonly delicious walnuts these days, says jumpingmonk. So how big are they? Think ping-pong balls, or even apricots.

But they're distinguished by more than their size. jumpingmonk, who's a botanist as well as a nut-lover, says many of these specimens appear to have come from trees that are partly of other species. The result is delicious and surprising variations, like a nut combining the sweetness of a pecan with the oiliness of a walnut. Look for them on the street level in a tub in the herb section, just past the cashiers.

New Kam Man [Chinatown]
200 Canal Street (between Mott and Mulberry streets), Manhattan

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