The house-made mole at Gallegos is very earthy, a little chocolaty, a little spicy, a little bitter, and a little sweet, says chocolatetartguy. The mole is so good, it takes this place over the line from stop-by-if-you’re-in-the-neighborhood to run-don’t-walk. It’s thick and complex, and gives you something to think deeply about. It’s served on top of a mound of sweet, tender, slightly fatty pork–like carnitas, but not crisped. The beans and rice make a perfect bland foil to the many moods of the insane mole. All that plus a small green salad and the proverbial bag of chips will run you $8. And mole is served every day!

The caldo de res is also nice, beef broth with meat and vegetables served with all kinds of mix-ins, kind of like pho. rworange likes the weird-but-oddly-satisfying raspberry agua fresca.

Gallegos Mexican Food [East Bay]
2309 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley

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