Randolph’s Smoke House in South Los Angeles serves house-smoked barbecue, and the general consensus is that it’s some of the best in the city. On a recent visit, raizans enjoyed the sparerib sandwich, with molasses-y, mildly sweet sauce on the side, great collard greens, and cornbread. “I love a place with good sides,” raizans says.

“I find the mole negro looking sauce carries just the right touch of spiciness that vaporizes immediately,” TonyC says. He advises going on the same day they smoke the meat (call ahead if necessary to find out the schedule). “They don’t do anything but low and slow smoke,” TonyC says. Ribs smoked the same day are fantastic; those smoked the day before, less so. The ribs come out looking charred, but raizans says there’s no need to worry: Even if the meat looks black and burned, it won’t taste that way.

Randolph’s Smoke House [South LA]
8472 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles

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