There’s room in the Bay for more than one high-quality artisan doughnut shop, opines one hound. Though Dynamo hits the spot for some, and its famous maple-bacon variety appears at coffee shops across San Francisco, Morton the Mousse heralds the coming of Doughnut Dolly, an Oakland-based pop-up with exceptional filled doughnuts.

Doughnut Dolly specializes in filled-to-order pastries; when Morton the Mousse visited, the flavors included lemon curd, sour cherry, and a “Naughty Doughnut” filled with crème fraîche and vanilla bean pastry cream. He liked the crème fraîche best, but says that all of the doughnuts were excellent, with a light, fluffy base that held up well to the rich interior.

According to Morton the Mousse, the brick-and-mortar shop at Temescal will open soon. In the meantime, shanghaikid adds that each doughnut is $3, and that Doughnut Dolly appears at the Swan’s Market in Oakland on Fridays.

Doughnut Dolly [East Bay]
No fixed address, but seen around Oakland

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