You always knew bacon would eventually kill you, so why not make arrangements to be buried in a powerful symbol of your life’s true passion? J&D’s Foods, makers of the cult classics Bacon Salt and Baconnaise (and yeah, Baconlube), today announced the release of the Bacon Coffin.

Thankfully, there’s no actual meat in this real, functioning casket made of 18-gauge gasketed steel, but it does come equipped with interior bacon air freshener to counteract that not-so-sexy formaldehyde aroma. And the painted exterior is handsomely streaked with faux fat.

Granted, it’s disturbing to mark your departure from this life with an Internet meme, but then, using Baconlube to anoint your most intimate moments while still alive isn’t exactly standard.

You can secure your very own bacon coffin for $2,999.99 (plus shipping and handling) at the J&D’s website. The only problem might be how to store it for the next several decades (sooner if you eat a lot of bacon), but hey: You could always throw a glass slab on it and use it as a dining table. Honestly, we can’t think of a more fitting memento mori.

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