A new public market is slated to open in Boston, and hounds have been discussing the project proposal, which is now available online (click on the posting from March 6, 2012). The market will be located just off the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, near the Haymarket T stop, and will feature both permanent and seasonal stalls, selling produce and prepared foods. The opening date will be March 27, 2014. “Let’s see how close they come,” ChocolateMilkshake says.

Matt H notes that the produce will be sourced entirely from Massachusetts, as opposed to greater New England. “Once they are up and running successfully, they could add vendors from around New England and modify the scope of the center,” Science Chick says, though BostonZest warns that this idea might face opposition from Haymarket vendors, who will still be operating nearby.

A big concern for some hounds is parking. “The traffic pattern in that area is not great and the parking is expensive,” Bob Dobalina says, worrying that this may deter potential patrons. But Jenny Ondioline disagrees: “Anyone who drives to this deserves what they get,” Jenny Ondioline says. “It’s steps from the Green, Orange and Blue Lines.”

Be sure to check out the discussion in the full thread linked below, and share your thoughts about the proposal. For those who are interested in taking an active role, there may be more community meetings about the market, which will be announced on the Boston Public Market Association website.

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