Profiteroles—chocolate-covered, ice-cream-filled French pastries—are a classic dessert at some of Boston’s top French restaurants. This week Boston hounds weighed in on where to find the best version.

MC Slim JB says that the profiterole at Brasserie JO, which is prepared tableside, is his favorite, and Jenny Ondioline agrees. “The chocolate, which has a lovely bitter edge, is presented in a pitcher and they’ll pour until you tell them to stop.” But Jenny Ondioline warns that the serving is large. “Two people will struggle to finish one order.”

Petit Robert Bistro also offers a huge version, and bookcooker says it is even better than Brasserie JO’s. “While the Brasserie JO version is more dramatic and excessive with the chocolate pour, I found the actual choux pastry of the profiterole much better at Petit Robert,” bookcooker says, noting the importance of a tender pastry.

A less obvious choice for profiteroles is Maggiano’s Little Italy, which makes a great version, according to gourmaniac. “It’s not a Chow find, but I’m always surprised that I enjoy this place when I go,” gourmaniac says.

Brasserie JO [Back Bay]
120 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Petit Robert Bistro
Multiple locations

Maggiano’s Little Italy [Bay Village/South Cove]
4 Columbus Avenue, Boston

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