Shunji—one of Los Angeles’s most revered houses of high Japanese dining—can be found in a new location. It was famously one of the few places in the United States where you could get a taste of genuinely modern kaiseki cuisine. Shunji’s went away, to much lamentation, but now it’s back, hidden away behind a sign that merely says “Japanese Restaurant.”

You can find Shunji in the old Mr. Cecil’s Rib space. And it’s quite intimate: There’s only a small bar and a handful of tables. Ciao Bob urges you to hurry over—who knows how long this place will remain, or remain relatively undiscovered.

Ciao Bob’s single best bite of 2012 was at Shunji: thin-sliced squid with egg yolk, squid ink, and black truffles.

Everything there is wonderful, trhanduil adds. Favorites include steamed black cod in mushroom broth, and nasu dengaku—a delectable set of eggplant slices, topped with miso, fried shrimp, and shiitake. There are beautiful sushi choices, too, most notably the excellent marinated salmon, toro, and snapper.

Shunji [Westside – Inland]
12244 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles

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