Judging from some of the solid Japanese food options, there’s a little bit of Tokyo in Torrance. The town’s not home to the very highest-end sushi—you’ll need to go to the pricey, famous Los Angeles hot spots for that—but it is where you can find a variety of bargains and hidden treasures.

First there’s Kantaro. It’s no match for the high-end sushi powerhouses, but at $39 per person, it’s pretty much the best omakase value in town, chezwhitey says. You should call ahead, though, because it’s a tiny operation, and they’ll turn people away if it gets too busy. Here’s another tip from chezwhitey: “Eat the fish bones after they fry it otherwise you will really disappoint the waitress.”

In an unexpected turn, Hammer19 sends us to Gonpachi Restaurant in the Miyako Hybrid Hotel, which offers a burger menu and an all-you-can-eat buffet, not normally the signs of a great sushi restaurant. But they’re “stepping up on the sushi side,” Hammer19 says. “Keep an eye out for their Master Sushi Chef Masa Yamamoto from the now closed Beverly Hills location…. he comes a very close second to Keizo at Sushi Zo.”

Kantaro [South Bay]
1542 W. Carson Street, Torrance

Gonpachi Restaurant in the Miyako Hybrid Hotel [South Bay]
21381 S. Western Avenue, Torrance

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