StriperGuy stopped by Neillio’s Gourmet Kitchen in Lexington this week for the first time, and was impressed by what he saw. “This place is just plain excellent,” StriperGuy says. “Tons of good, freshly made chow. Menu changes every day. Focus on roast meats and sandwiches all done on the premises. Death to Boar’s Head!”

StriperGuy was sad to miss out on the much-praised Thursday pastrami, though he was fortunate enough to sample the Monday special: roast leg of lamb with lamb demi-glace. “The lamb was juicy and perfect,” he says. “I had sides of mac and cheese and string beans, also excellent.”

As many hounds recall, Neillio’s opened in 2002 in the former home of Gourmet Farms Kitchen, famous for its “Turkey Terrific” sandwich. “The ‘Turkey Terrific’ was an essential element in the sale [of Gourmet Farms to Neillio’s],” says peregrine. The popular sandwich consists of hand-carved roasted turkey with cranberry, stuffing, and mayonnaise, and bugsmum thinks it can’t be beat. “Every day is ‘Turkey Terrific’ day,” she says. “Best sandwich ever.”

Neillio’s Gourmet Kitchen [MetroWest]
53 Bedford Street, Lexington

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