The Park’s Finest was a popular Filipino-influenced catering outfit, but now they finally have a brick-and-mortar storefront from which they can serve their stellar signature barbecued meats. Park’s takes American-style barbecue techniques and mixes them up with Filipino and Asian spices.

The most distinctive and popular items are the coconut beef and cornbread bibingka, Jase says. “The beef is stewed tender with an adoboish sauce that just cries out to have some white rice paired with it. It was different from any other Filipino dish I’ve had but yet somehow hit all the comfort notes of my Filipino reared palate.”

The tri-tip is rare and tender. Short ribs and pork ribs are cut American-style, the long way, and they’re fixed up with a slight smokiness. The meat is tender, with a slight chew, and the ribs are not-quite-yet falling apart. And there’s a novel barbecue sauce, too: “I thought the sauce was more like a chutney, fruity sweet and chunky with hints of spices possibly cardamom?” Jase says.

Sides, like cornbread made with rice flour and coconut, also have a Filipino flair.

Service at the recently opened restaurant is friendly and efficient. At the moment, the restaurant is only open Friday evenings and Sundays for lunch and dinner.

The Park’s Finest [Echo Park]
1267 W. Temple Street, 
Los Angeles

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