If the specter of a macaroni-and-cheese sandwich gets your mouth watering, perhaps you’ll be intrigued by another seemingly excessive combination: the tamale sandwich. According to zippo it’s a specialty of Mexico D.F. (a.k.a. Mexico City, not the shuttered Financial District restaurant), and the torta de tamal sold by the Tamales Amy stand inside Produce Pro in Oakland is quite good.

So is the sandwich made by steaming a whole tamale and then dropping it onto a bun? Well, zippo said he tried chicken and cheese versions, and the former included shredded chicken in a sturdy tamale loaded onto a crunchy oval bolillo roll. The cheese torta had a pink hue, which initially confused zippo (was this a hot dog tamale?), but the waitstaff assured him that it was indeed cheese—probably made pink from salsa, and chewy from hanging out on the steam table.

Regardless of the sandwich you order, Tamales Amy gives you a choice of a few free toppings, including crema and red or green salsa.

Produce Pro [East Bay] 
2314 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland

Discuss: Torta de Tamal (tamale sandwich) at Tamales Amy inside Produce Pro in Oakland on San Pablo Av @ 23rd St

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