Sure, you expect to find truly great coffee in Silver Lake or Los Feliz, but in the tourist zone of the Sunset Strip? No way. But here’s an exception: Angela’s Coffee on Sunset.

What you’ll find here is full-on, third-wave coffee, a.k.a. individually brewed drip coffee. And at Angela’s each cup is made with beans by a leader in this artisanal coffee movement, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Blue Bottle Coffee.

“If you’re into coffee, this is *the* spot,” fooddude37 says. “Beans ground to order, weighed out on a scale. The coffee was incredibly clean and nuanced, definitely worth the $3 per cup.”

The place is nice, too: well lit, with lots of outdoor seating, white tablecloths, and fresh flowers. They’ve also got a La Marzocco espresso machine and snacks from Cake Monkey Bakery. And, best of all, “the staff here obviously are into their craft, but they’re not even remotely pretentious unlike what you often find at Intelligentsia,” fooddude37 says.

Angela’s Coffee on Sunset [Sunset Strip]
8539 W. Sunset Boulevard, #5, West Hollywood

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