A street vendor at 51st Avenue and Broadway in Queens hawks dumplings, noodles, and other snackish fare much like what’s served by other Chinese food carts around Elmhurst. But Polecat chose a less common bite: fish balls with pork skin. Good call.

A bargain at $3, it comes with chunks of stewed white radish and is doctored to taste with various sauces (Polecat got the works, heavy on the hot stuff). “It’s pretty much all about the texture,” he says, with its harmonious trio of ingredients—most notably the spongelike, subtly flavored pork skin—”adding something unique and working beautifully together. I loved this dish. I ate it in my car, which was parked around the corner, and reveled in the moment, that complete satisfaction one gets from good street food.”

Street vendor [Elmhurst]
51st Avenue near Broadway, Elmhurst, Queens
No phone available

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