If you’ve never tried eating asparagus raw, the taste may surprise you, as it did Joebob. “I took out some to roast, broke off the bottoms of the stalks, tasted a stalk raw, and consumed the whole bunch raw,” Joebob says. “It tasted so good! Beautifully juicy, delicate grassy taste, tender, marvelous!”

Other hounds have also discovered the pleasures of uncooked asparagus. It’s best when superfresh, magiesmom says. Pata_Negra likes it shaved (try CHOW’s Shaved Asparagus Salad). And after Joebob’s revelatory experience with the stalks, he combined separated enoki mushrooms with tofu and raw asparagus (both cut into matchsticks the same length as the mushrooms), and drizzled wasabi oil over everything. “OUT OF SIGHT!” Joebob raves.

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