Westborough Korean Restaurant is getting rave reviews from several Boston hounds, and Nab wrote up a fantastic, detailed description of a recent meal (see link below).

Good picks from the menu include haemul pajeon (seafood pancake), which is “protein packed” but “retains a golden crisp,” and homemade water dumplings filled with pork and scallions. But for Nab, the real highlight is the yeom sul tang, or black goat stew.

“Order the large, and you’ll receive a giant wok-like pan on a gas burner, the pan’s contents comprising a mahogany/burnt orange bubbling broth chock full of goat hunks and greenery, all blanketed by perilla leaves and showered with perilla seeds,” Nab says. “The broth is a mystery, but is deeply goat-flavored without being gamey, rich without being greasy, complex and clean, it has an unmistakable element of true umami.”

Nab’s description goes on, and deserves a read, so be sure to check out the full thread, linked below.

Not sure about the 45-minute drive from Boston to Westborough? yumyum says that the trek was the most worthy road trip she’s taken in a long time. “If you’re dying for a steaming bowl of soup, this is the place to get to, and stat!” yumyum says.

Westborough Korean Restaurant [MetroWest]
7 E. Main Street, Westborough

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