Milo and Olive, a pizzeria and bakery in Santa Monica, is winning over Chowhounds. It’s awesome, says lapizzamaven. “If you like Mozza’s pies, go there!”

handlertaper loves the ambiance, the friendly servers, and most of all, the pizza with burrata and prosciutto. Also utterly lovely: bread knots filled with butter and garlic. The pork belly sausage and braised greens pizza—which has a nice kick to it, handlertaper says—is also popular with hounds.

And according to westsidegal, the place serves up the “best anchovy pie I’ve ever tasted.”

Aside from pizzas, maudies5 says that Milo and Olive’s duck leg is one of the greatest dishes anywhere.

Milo and Olive [Westside – Beaches]
2723 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica

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