While donovt was enjoying his meal at F. Ottomanelli Burgers & Belgian Fries in Queens, workers twice brought in loads of fresh meat. They didn’t have to travel far: This brand-new burger joint is a spin-off of S. Ottomanelli & Son butcher shop, right up Woodside Avenue.

Not surprisingly, the meat is excellent—”fresh and high-quality,” says Widmark, “not greasy or processed.” The bacon double cheeseburger (two four-ounce patties with cheddar and two rashers of bacon) is tasty and satisfying, donovt says, and the fries are delicious. Widmark likes the fries, too, but says they’re thick-cut and closer to steak fries than the advertised Belgian style.

F. Ottomanelli opened just a couple of weeks ago, and hounds report rookie missteps like inconsistency in cooking time and seasoning (donovt’s burger was slightly underflavored, though his wife found hers just fine). Others complain of long waits for food, but Widmark suggests that some folks may be bringing fast-food expectations to a restaurant that’s aiming higher. “I’m hoping they aren’t going for fast food,” says donovt. “I’d be more than happy to wait for a good burger.”

F. Ottomanelli Burgers & Belgian Fries [Woodside]
60-15 Woodside Avenue (between 60th and 61st streets), Woodside, Queens

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