Boston hounds are excited about Thai North, which opened last summer in Brighton’s Oak Square and serves up Northern Thai specialties. The folks who run the restaurant are from an area near Chiang Rai, a city in Northern Thailand close to the borders of Laos and Burma. Based on what he’s tried, StriperGuy thinks the restaurant is a strong contender for best Thai joint in Boston.

The chalkboard menu (written in Thai, but partially translated by Nab in this thread) is where you’ll find many of the specialty items. Kaeng hangleh, a classic Northern curry with Burmese origins, appears on this menu. “It had less body than I’m accustomed to, was slightly on the sweet side of the spectrum, but is a complex, aromatic and delicious curry quite unlike most other curries in the Thai repertoire,” says Nab.

The khao soi (Chiang Mai chicken noodle curry) is also getting good reviews. EATTV reports that it was served with the proper pickled condiments and chili relish, and yumyum appreciates the fact that they use bone-in chicken.

Nab also tried the sai-ua (Northern Thai sausage), and describes it as being “far more fiery” than any other version in town. It’s served with ginger matchsticks, chiles, lettuce, and “excellent” sticky rice.

Thai North [Brighton]
443 Faneuil Street, Boston

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