Did you know there’s awesome Senegalese food in Albany? Did you know there was any Senegalese food in Albany? Well there is, at Taxi Brousse. It’s worth stopping in for beautifully spiced, tender, bone-suckingly-good lamb dibi, or sweet-onion-and-mustard-sauced fish yassa, says rworange. Beef pastilles (sort of fried dumplings, like flat empanadas) are extremely tasty. Everything also comes in veggie versions–the pastilles can be stuffed with gombo saff (spinach and okra stew), says mchan, and any dish can be made with lightly fried tofu instead of meat or fish. And if you can get ahold of a sometimes-available daily special of broken rice and stewed codfish on the bone, do not deny yourself this spicy, salty, succulent mess of palm-oil-stained love.

The drinks and desserts stand up, too–thiakry, a sweet, yogurt-based dessert with raisins, is absolutely delectable, says Cyrus Farivar. Bananna A. vouches for the chocolate souffl

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