There’s nothing like a good local butcher like Lindy & Grundy. “Great meat and great service,” says JudiAU.

The shop’s fine points aren’t disputed. “Lindy & Grundy is great,” says LATrapp. “The service is friendly and warm and invested in your satisfaction. The downside is that if you want to run in to grab a quick chicken or whatever, you might be waiting a bit while they are having a friendly chit-chat with the current customers. The good news is that once you are up, you might as well fire away with the questions—they are happy to help with cooking tips.”

Lindy & Grundy is a whole-animal butcher, and the inventory is ever-shifting. Some days the offerings are beef-heavy, and on other days there’s lots of rabbit or pork. There’s also a small but nice selection of cheeses and a few nonmeat items that might come in handy during meal preparation.

And then there are the nice touches, like serving a pig’s ear to the canines that accompany customers. “They even take the dog bones seriously!” says perk. There’s also free parking in the back.

But excellence doesn’t come cheap. “Quite expensive, as you would expect for pastured meat,” JudiAU observes.

Lindy & Grundy [Fairfax Village]
801 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles

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