Le Comptoir is Gary Menes’s new pop-up restaurant at Tiara Café, and the changing five-course prix fixe menu is stunning, says mikeop34. “It was a lot of fun to sit at the counter, watch the team of 3 chefs handle everything with precision, and chat with them about their food and experiences in a very casual, relaxed atmosphere,” he says.

Highlights of the meal included Sierra Gold potato and corn velouté, a rich and hot soup that’s perfect for a cold night, says mikeop34. It comes with a cheesy and crispy farinette (sort of like a French pancake or omelet), which added texture to the creamy soup. The most beloved dish of the night was a squash and veggies plate of Blue Hubbard squash, mustard frill, baby leeks, fennel, onion petals, chanterelles, roasted grapes, and apples. It was “amazing,” says mikeop34. “I was concerned it would just be a lot of different veggies on a plate, and in a way, that’s what it was. But everything was well seasoned with a variety of spices and herbs, and this syrup around the plate helped bring everything together. Favorite dish of the night.”

Le Comptoir at Tiara Café [Downtown]
127 E. Ninth Street, Los Angeles
Reservations: lecomptoirla@gmail.com

Discuss: Le Comptoir – new pop-up in downtown, great food and lots of fun!

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