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SF Bay area...can't enter boards

by embie 12 years ago

Both at home & at work today, I get the following when I try to access the boards: "404 - Page Not Found (routing) Sorry! We had a problem processing your request." Why are we out of the l...

Geek questions

by Chipotle 12 years ago

The tech nerd in me just has to ask. What's the new Chowhound system written in? There's something about it which looks very Ruby on Rails.

Weirdness in General Topics

by Phoo D 12 years ago

Generally like the new look etc. But I was browsing around in new topics and when I went back to older topics, suddenly I was reading stuff from November of 2003. Then posts from June of 2001 (incl...

Interactive Map: Central?

by bbqboy 12 years ago

I notice in clicking on the world map, when you go to USA Regions, A Central exists, which isn't really true. Or is it? Is this the way our boards will be divided/subdivided in the future? It loo...


Brian S
by Brian S 12 years ago

Until today I was certain that the new website would be far worse than the old. The reason: the most successful websites are the simplest (google, craigs, ebay, yahoo) but no website designer can r...

North Africa?

by Joseph 12 years ago

Both the "Africa" board and the "Middle East" board list Morocco as part of their territory. Which is correct? Should North African countries be in the Middle East board or in the Africa board?

Bookmarked topics can't be deleted

by rworange 12 years ago

I didn't get the concept and bookmarked every post I read in the first few hours. After using the board, I realized this was unnecessary. I went to "My Chow" and clicked on the delete link next...

"Bookmark" vs "Track" User

by ChinoWayne 12 years ago

I noticed when I was viewing a user's profile there is a button labled "Bookmark User", I think it would be a little more clear if that were changed to "Track User", which is the terminology I see ...

"Site Specific" category question

by reality check 12 years ago

Why are there so many boards under Site Specfic? Can't you combine them into two boards at most? Site Talk and Help? I'm not even sure if this post belongs on this board. Site Talk Feedback:...

Latest Reply vs. Date Posted confusion as to which is chosen

Debbie W
by Debbie W 12 years ago

I keep trying to decide which I prefer, Latest Reply or Date Posted. But the way those are set up leads to confusion as to which I've chosen. When you click on Latest Reply, the underline under L...

How do I find the home page?

by Helen F 12 years ago

Don't know if this is a "clear your browser cache" issue, but here goes. When I click my old bookmark for the old home page, I get a 404 page indicating a routing problem. If I click on the CH log...

User formatting of text in posts

by carswell 12 years ago

Was wondering if there is a way to format text in our posts. For example, do html tags work? TEST The word boldfaced between bold tags: <b>boldfaced</b> The word italicized between italics tags:...

Questions about the new site

by peppermint pate 12 years ago

Is there a way of viewing multiple threads at the same time? On the old site, I liked that I could open the board, see many threads at once and easily identify those posts on the various threads th...

Any way to customize the view?

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 12 years ago

I'm used to having a lot more headers on the screen. Is there any way to customize the view so I have have smaller type and less space and more actual topics? So far, that's one thing about the ...

Coming in from hotlink on the main page...

The Ranger
by The Ranger 12 years ago

Shot me straight to this error message: 404 - Page Not Found (routing) Sorry! We had a problem processing your request. If you've found a bug, please tell us about it Once I clicked on the ...

Chowhound &amp; Chow Mag are now one?

by foodiegrl 12 years ago

I noticed the identity & colors of the new site are the same ones used by the old magazine. I read there was going to be some type of synergy between the two. What are the plans for merging the t...

Adding URLs, photos

by Helen F 13 years ago

Maybe this question should be in Feedback or Site Talk, but as Bob Martinez said elsewhere, it's cool to be the first to post in a new board. Anyway, are we no longer able to add links or pictures...

concern about all the links i have previously bookmarked

by emosbaugh 13 years ago

i previously posted this on the help page but feel it may be better suited for this page. is there any way to retrieve any previous posts we have bookmarked? maybe with the post # at the end of...

Complaint thread

by blewgo 12 years ago

Where did it go? In general I've got to say you guys blew it. There are so many free sets of forum software out there that already do the things that you guys are trying to reinventing and th...

Board groupings

Peter Cuce
by Peter Cuce 12 years ago

Can you guys please add links for the major board headings such as NYC Metro? I'd like to bookmark the entire grouping, since that's what I normally read. Also, how about breaking up the Internati...

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