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Time and date stamps ....

Cheese Boy
by Cheese Boy 13 years ago

Just posted....you need to correct the AM and PM on the site. That's also why your datestamps are a day off: it advances a calendar day when it's not supposed to. I was wondering why this was. Co...

Issue with RSS and Bloglines

by Ian 13 years ago

I added a number of Chowhound feeds to bloglines 24 hours ago and I'm seeing nothing even though there have been updates to the corresponding boards. I will report this to bloglines but I thought I...

lame Profile categories

toodie jane
by toodie jane 13 years ago

how can I change these categories in the personal profile? They don't interest me or pertain to my chowhound habits.

difference between bookmarking and tracking?

toodie jane
by toodie jane 13 years ago

I can see the button for bookmarking a poster, but not how to track a poster. Can some patient poster explain the two functions and how they'd be helpful? I'm no computer wizard, as you can see. (...

Wither Outer Boroughs

by Deven Black 13 years ago

I've tried a couple of different approaches to finding the Outer Boroughs board, but what I get every way I try is a board with 0 posts. Unless Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and (gasp!) Staten Island...

Appropriate Boards?

by JMF 13 years ago

Should making cordials and liqueurs be on Spirits or Home Cooking Boards? What about making wine or beer? Home Cooking or Wine? Beer? Personally I think that the new Spirits, wine, and beer bopards...

A Problem and a Suggestion - Replying to the Comment Above

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 13 years ago

First, the problem. In Opera, the drop-down Reply to the Comment Above goes wonky. The rest of the page doesn't drop down as far, and the Reply part either goes over the top of the next reply (ma...

Keep getting "can't find that site"

by Fine 13 years ago

I was seeking some Redding info but each link led me to a sorry not available message.

Parameters of Los Angeles Area vs. California boards

by David Ford 13 years ago

Hello, I was always under the impression that the Los Angeles Area board stopped at Orange County, and did not include San Diego. For all posts concerning San Diego, the general purpose Califor...

Email Alerts

by jishaq 13 years ago

I live in Santa Cruz, and work in San Mateo. It would be ideal if I could enter two search queries, "Santa Cruz" and "San Mateo", and have chowhound.com email me alerts whenever a post has been su...

Thanks for the new site

by Muhlyssa 13 years ago

Sure it's taking a little getting used to and that will come with time. It really saddens me to see so much really nasty criticism so soon after relaunch. Considering what we pay for this (that's...

Typos in titles (and how to correct them)

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 13 years ago

With the old software, we could deal with typos in titles by appending the correct spelling. Can't do that now. What's the new drill?


by erly 13 years ago

I wish the print was a little more defined (bolder, not larger). I now need glasses to view. Other than that I think that the site is much easier to navigate. My transition from one board to ano...

This isn't a popularity contest ....

Cheese Boy
by Cheese Boy 13 years ago

These message Boards are to share and exchange information. The number of replies preceding each of the threads is unnecessary and should be placed off to the right if it's going to remain on this ...

Reverse the list posting order, please!

by Sean Dell 13 years ago

The most recent posting should appear at the top, not at the bottom. When you see a new post, you click on the subject, and expect to see that post on your screen. But no. You have to scroll to t...

How to Identify Posts Not Yet Read

by jhammon 13 years ago

On the old site, posts I had previously read showed up in a different color from the posts I had not yet read. Does the new site provide an easy way to pick out the posts I have not already read?

Any way to delete one of your own posts?

by Biltong 13 years ago

Is there any way to delete one of your own posts? Sometimes I get a bit hasty on the "send" and should have taken the time to see if my tone comes across the way I want it to and not be negative.

RSS Feed issue

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 13 years ago

We didn't want this feedback from diablita FL on this thread http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/304127 to get buried: I don't have an RSS feeder on my computer (yet -- my MacBook Pro is in th...

Note: Replies to Imported Postings Don't Show New

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 13 years ago

This might confuse people (it did me for a while): currently, if someone makes a new reply to an imported post from our old software, the new flag does not show up (in the index or in the thread). ...

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