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The ability to delete a thread you make.

by ausguerila 4 hours ago

I started a topic and the thread got spammed with irrelevant information. It would be useful if you were able to dele...

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Policy on Sigs

by Jim Leff 2 days ago

What is current policy on including a "sig" in one's post promoting a project? Is it ok, so long as the post itself i...

Unable to load pics from Mobile

by elvisahmed 6 days ago

Hi have tried several times in vain to upload pics from my cell (android OS). The site either times out as they post ...

The Chowhound Team commented 4 days ago

Chowhound Maps are Back

by The Chowhound Team 7 months ago

A few weeks ago we announced a preview of the return of maps to Chowhound:

The Chowhound Team commented 4 days ago

Search (Again)

by estufarian 7 days ago

Did a search on 'Vefour' within France tag with most recent order. First response was 13 days old (genuine)- as were...

estufarian commented 6 days ago

Too Many "For Sale" Posts on the Mexico Board

by cristina 1 month ago

For the last couple of months, the Mexico board has been inundated with posts offering unwanted or unusable tickets f...

The Chowhound Team commented 6 days ago

Pop up survey blocking content on mobile

by NonnieMuss 16 days ago

A dumb survey about phones popped up on my phone and there was no way to close it. It blocked the content and I coul...

The Chowhound Team commented 12 days ago

Comments aren't loading, or scrolling properly

by Seitan 9 months ago

Not sure if this is two different problems or if they are related. When I go to read a topic and there are say 32 com...

The Chowhound Team commented 13 days ago

Title under featured recipe doesn't match photo

by MidwesternerTT 17 days ago

The photo and recipe tags for featured recipe, lower right corner show the featured recipe is a shrimp dish of some s...


DeborahL commented 14 days ago

Why am I having to log in so often?

by sparky403 3 months ago

I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that I am required to log in every few days... where I can remember not ...

NonnieMuss commented 18 days ago

Followed boards no longer on home page

by Nyleve 1 month ago

On the right side of my home page there used to be a list of followed boards. This list has disappeared. As soon as I...


Nyleve commented 26 days ago

Feature Request: Easier Way to Follow/Unfollow Threads

by MplsM ary 28 days ago

First, thanks for all the work you've done on profiles. It's much appreciated. Now, I'd like to get another feature w...

The Chowhound Team commented 28 days ago

Fake News = Real Ads

by phred13 1 month ago

Please take a look at these two posts and convince me that they are not blatant advertisements for the venues mention...


phred13 commented 1 month ago

Not for nuthin' but:

by Motosport 1 month ago

When I post under the Long Island location category CH pre empts the Long Island location with one or two other locat...

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago

Following Site Feedback

by small h 1 month ago

Not sure if this has been announced, or if anyone's noticed but me, but it's now possible to add Site Feedback to you...

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago

Can't Access Saved Recipes

by ideefixe 7 months ago

No matter what browser I use and how many times I click, I can't access my saved recipes. Anyone else having this pro...

MacGuffin commented 1 month ago

Why do I need to tag a post when it doesn't correlate to the post?

by The_Libster 1 month ago

I asked a question and before I posted I had to pick tags that didn't make sense? Can you please explain and let me u...

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago

Reply to Post on Safari Doesn't Work

by Peter Cuce 2 months ago

For the last couple of month (I think), when I click Reply under a post, no text area opens. Instead it takes me back...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 months ago

Posting ' VIDEO ' - a future option??

by Charles Yu 2 months ago

I was hoping to help out a fellow hound heading to Tokyo. Unfortunately, the valuable and unique information I have r...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 months ago

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