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Lost my post due to heavy load and queue

by Melanie Wong 19 days ago

I just lost a photo story after hitting the next step button, then adding tags and attempting to post. The error mess...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 13 hours ago

Testing Adding an Instagram Link

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 14 hours ago

Testing adding an Instagram link Chrome 67


by erica 1 day ago

When I respond to one person's post, in a long thread, my new post always shows up at the bottom of the thread. But...


TorontoJo commented 20 hours ago

Can't post photo

by nofunlatte 15 days ago

Like some others, I am having a problem posting a photo. I've tried adding the photo first, adding a photo after writ...


TorontoJo commented 21 hours ago

[Test] Please Ignore

by The Chowhound Team 14 days ago

Steps: 1- Create new discussion 2- Add multiple images in full width mode 3- Put computer to sleep 4- Added 1 las...


TorontoJo commented 21 hours ago

Responses in topics refuse to open

by Nyleve 2 months ago

This just happened today. When I click on a discussion topic I can see that there are comments but they refuse to ope...


medlar commented 1 day ago

Technical Problem

by Heimendinger 8 days ago

Everytime I print an item I get a chowhound overprint on the document. The address on the overprint is https://www....


patsully commented 8 days ago

Unfollow Isn't Working

by BeeRich 16 days ago

The button hasn't turned followed threads off. Might want to fix this.


BeeRich commented 12 days ago

Unable to Start New Thread on IPad

by masha 1 month ago

For the last several days, I have been unable to start a new thread when using my Ipad, with a Safari browser. In pa...


masha commented 13 days ago

Edit doesn't allow add of photo to reply

by MidwesternerTT 3 months ago

I often initially post a comment with just my text in the What's for Dinner discussion, then come back and edit the p...


migmigmig commented 16 days ago

How to sign in again?

by somervilleoldtimer 1 year ago

I haven't been on Chowhound in a year or two. I remember my username and password (I think) but I don't see a place ...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 20 days ago

Heart / Like intermittently not activated

by MidwesternerTT 2 months ago

As reported within another bug report starting March 23, https://www.chowhound.com/post/expand-1-post-expand-discuss...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 27 days ago

Date stamp year and hour run together, missing space

by MidwesternerTT 28 days ago

Odd display of posting dates - the year is no longer separated from time by a space -- it all runs together.

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 27 days ago

Mobile version - virus?

by saregama 4 months ago

I’ve been noticing this for a while. After using the CH mobile version on IOS, links either from CH or from the brows...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago

Unable to access site through Android phone

by Amandarama 6 months ago

I have been unable to access this site through my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 8). On any of the browsers installed...

The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago

Email Notifications

by kateq 1 month ago

My problem is that despite "following" various threads, I have stopped receiving any notices/e-mails from Chowhound.


kateq commented 1 month ago

Chowhound contest rules

by LJSTUBBS 2 months ago

Is there a place on the site where the rules reside? I'd like to read them so I know whether or not I can enter!


LJSTUBBS commented 2 months ago