Three Whiskey Sippers to Warm You up This Fall

As the days get cooler, you may find yourself in need of a cocktail that warms you up from the inside out. It’s time to put away the citrus and the shaker, get out the tumblers and make yourself one of these sippers.

The Old Fashioned

Probable the most classic cocktail of all, the old fashioned should be a go-to as temperatures dip. Since its creation in the 19th century, many variations have been created using the simple formula of mixing a base alcohol, a sweetener and bitters. Our basic recipe calls for bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, aromatic bitters and a flamed orange peel.

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The Fancy Free

A more rare classic, the Fancy Free foregoes bourbon whiskey in favour of the more potent rye, and gets its sweetness from Maraschino liqueur rather than sugar. We add two kinds of bitters to fill out the flavour. Stir and enjoy.

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The Pony Remark

This original cocktail has its beginnings in late nights short of mix, where partygoers found that adding lemon to bourbon created a pleasurable cocktail. Our refined version of this late-night sipper incorporates simple syrup and clarified lemon, resulting in a clear drink that doesn’t require shaking.

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