Best Indian Food Restaurants to Order from
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Best Indian Food Restaurants to Order from

Alycia Gordan
almost 2 years ago

India has always been a point of attraction to all people around the world. With India coming in the list of developing nations, many deemed it safe, even favorable, to experience the first-hand appeal of such a beautiful country. The culture, the traditions, the festivals – all of these factors (along with others) have bought tourists to this place frequently. Many of them not just take back photos as their memories, but do something about it after going there.

Indian food has especially become famous in the USA, owing largely to the fact that Indians usually migrate to this place for higher education, or due to the people planning trips to India and also the online food order websites suggesting users explore the cuisine on a regular basis. However, before we delve more into this topic, let us first look at the country’s rich culture and its equally diverse and spicily delicious food in the next sections.

Indian Culture:

Indian Culture is one of the most astonishing things a person outside of India can see and experience. People of different races, ethnicities, and traditions cohabiting in a large place with somewhat semblance of coexisting and even peace and harmony. In spite of the caste and class system, Indians have literally found a way to overlook everything and let others exist on their terms as long as everyone is civil and humane to one another.

What Americans would also love to point out is their strong familial ties. Indian culture is not at all goal-oriented – it is more family-oriented, which prompts them to achieve their dreams along with staying with their families. The culture is a big enigma to others and not a bad one at that, but a curiosity inducing one, one that people would love to unravel and dive deep in to find out more information. However, Indian Culture’s biggest attraction is nothing but their food. It’s extremely spicy (by other’s standards), but that’s what makes it so appealing. Read along to know about Indian food.

Indian Food:

Indian food is interesting, and rightfully so. While an average country’s entire cuisine stays the same, India’s changes drastically once you change the states. There is no one dish that can be attributed as a marker of this cuisine; there is, rather, a lot of it. There’s curry, which is known globally and loved equally too. In fact, curry has been associated with India so much, that there are groups, for example, on Facebook which primarily use this word to describe Indians. Next is Chicken tikka masala or Butter Chicken, typically North Indian dishes, along with Naan, and Goan Lamb Vindaloo. Samosas, Palak paneer are those typical vegetarian Indian dishes that don’t need introductions with people out of India as well.

Some of the best restaurants to enjoy Indian food from:

As the population gets assimilated across the globe, there will always be popping up of restaurants that offer the food of various cultures. As we can see below, since there are a lot of Indian people migrating to the USA and also the Americans taking a lot of interest in this interesting culture, a lot of restaurants have established in the area, which Doordash, being the efficient organization that it is, have already some of them on their delivery list.

1. Adda:

The most famous restaurant – and hence the one to top the list – is ‘Adda’. Situated in Queens, New York, it offers all kinds of diverse and culturally rich experience in their cozy atmosphere. Chintan Pandya, the chef, makes sure that there are enough flavor and deliciousness in every dish he offers. Some of the notable mentions include roasted chicken livers (Tawa kaleji), fiery goat brains (bheja fry) and even lotus root kofta, especially for vegetarians.

Budget - $15 - $30

2. August1Five:

August1Five celebrates Indian Independence Day with its name – and with its food, it celebrates the Indian culture. The dishes offered here are not arguably more commonly famous, but some that are integrated with international ingredients. There’s sea bass with a wasabi beurre blanc, as well as shrimp and grits with up, a very common Indian breakfast dish.

Budget - $31 to $50

3. Badmaash:

This quaint little restaurant situated in Los Angeles, California, is a family-run establishment. Brothers Nakul and Arjun, along with their father Pawan Mahendro, have put together a bold and rebellious menu; that doesn’t mean they have left out the most famous samosas or butter chicken. They have opened another ‘Badmaash’ branch recently, which tells how successful they are in what they do.

Budget - $30 or under

4. Bollywood Theater:

Bollywood Theater is a perfect representation of Indian Culture and food. It will literally transform your quaint little US neighborhood into rich, bright and bustling Indian one. The chef of the restaurant, Troy MacLarty, got inspired with this exotic country and decided to carry a little piece of it with him back home. The dishes range have everything, from Pav Bhaji, to Misal.

Budget - $11-30

5. Chai Pani:

Chai Pani, situated primarily in North Carolina, is one of the famous restaurants of the country. It has its branches primarily Atlanta and Georgia & Asheville. The chef of this restaurant, Meherwan Irani, places vital importance on making and providing authentic and traditional Indian food. Famous of its dishes are spiced halal lamb, samosa chaat, and the namesake, tasty masala chai.

Budget - $31 to $50


Americans are, as we can see, are too crazy about India and its heritage. Many shows – that you will find on channels while casually surfing on the television – have come up that shows many people outside of India dropping off in the country to drink it all in, savor the atmosphere and indulge in satisfying your food cravings and taste buds. So, when Joe Perry, the lead guitarist and founding member of the renowned American rock band Aerosmith expresses his feelings about India in these words – “India brings out so many different feelings in me. I've been fascinated with India and Indian culture as long as I can remember - ever since the '60s with the Beatles and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”, almost everyone will agree with him. People around the globe are fascinated by India, especially their exotically delicious food.

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