You're Not Doing Halloween Right Unless You Have One of These at Your Party
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You're Not Doing Halloween Right Unless You Have One of These at Your Party

It's Halloween party season, which means candy corn, punch bowls with floating eyeballs, lots of pumpkins, and strobe lighting. One thing that is often forgotten at Halloween parties is cake! Being a baker, I believe that no party is complete without it. 

To do Halloween right, bake one of these cakes as you see here or use one of these creations to inspire your own ghoulish cake.

Any blood red velvet cake is great for Halloween, but Sugar Hero kicked it up a notch with her spider web cake. As Sugar Hero says, "I went with a dense, intricate web pattern all over the top and sides of the cake, but you can save time by making your web larger, or just drawing one or two webs on the cake and leaving more of it plain.”

Eyeballs are so creepy! My husband can't even talk about going to the eye doctor without getting the heebie jeebies. It might look like Cake Whiz's eyeball cake would take hours to decorate, but she says that the whole thing came together in under an hour. Initially, she wasn't going draw any veins on the eyeballs. But, when she stepped back to look at it, the eyeball didn't look creepy enough. So, she drew random veins all around with red and black edible markers. I'd say that did the trick. Wouldn't you? Will your guests be brave enough to eat it?

Belly Full's ghost cake is such a fun idea that you can try on any white-iced cake. All it takes is Oreos and M&Ms. You could also play around with using different colors of M&Ms for different colored eyeballs.

Halloween is all about spooky surprises. This surprise bloody cake from Little Epicurean looks so clean and perfect. It's only when you cut into it that you discover the "blood"! The blood is made from coulis, strained fruit puree. Little Epicurean says that, "It is deceptively simple to make and it can elevate any dessert. It’s perfect for topping ice cream, lava cake, cheesecake, panna cotta, etc."

Last, but not least, you can always write a Halloween message on any cake. My "Boo" cake is a chocolate orange cheesecake with a flavor to die for! I also adore the size of these cheesecakes. Each one is just 4.4″ in diameter, so they are perfect for smaller gatherings. What would you write on your cake?

Do you have a spooktacular Halloween cake? I want to hear about it in the comments!

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