Austin Eats in 2 Days

I finally had the pleasure of visiting Austin! I've heard so many great things about the city and it's food scene. Although it was a short two days, I did manage to hit a BBQ spot, eat some Tex-mex and try a few Asian spots. You must wonder why I would go all the way to Texas and eat Asian Food. Well being in that I own my own Chinese Restaurant, I'm always interested in trying other popular Asian Restaurants in other cities. I get inspired when i see what other people are doing with Asian Food. And of the different food recs I received from local Austin folks, a few of them happened to be Asian Restaurants, so it was a must.

Below are some highlights of my eating extravaganza in Austin. Be sure to hit up these spots when you visit!

1. Elizabeth Street Cafe - Vietnamese Food, known for their Macaroons. Yup you heard that right. We arrived late that night, so we didn't get to try the Macaroons, apparently the peanut butter jelly one is to die for. I did however really enjoy their Escargots! It was flavorful, buttery, had hints of fish sauce, lemon, and a bunch of aromatic herbs. Dip some crusty baguette into that sauce! In addition to that dish, we tried their crispy springrolls, chicken pho, fried rice with crispy red fish.

2. Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ - Came here for some BBQ! There are many famous BBQ spots to visit like Franklin's, Black's BBQ..but most of these places draw lines for hours. With a baby in tow it just didn't seem possible. So we decided to check out Cooper's which people said was great and didn't have the nasty lines. We had Beef Ribs, Brisket,  Cheddar Jalapeno Sausages, beans, mac and cheese and peach cobbler. 

That brisket looks pretty darn beautiful doesn't it?

3. Uchi - Ranked and Rated as THE BEST Japanese Restaurant in Austin. They had a few dishes that were really memorable and stellar. The one that we were just blown away with was the 72 hour smoked brisket nigiri. God that was amazing. It just melted in your mouth like a piece of heavenly toro would. The style is interesting as the seasoning of the fish had a Southeast Asian Slant. Not a surprise considering there is a really large Vietnamese population in Texas, especially Houston. It was a nice change from what I"m use to tasting in California when it comes to sushi.

Yes yes yes!   Wagyu on hot stone

4. Loro - Ok so we enjoyed Uchi so much and also heard incredible things about Franklin's BBQ (which we didn't brave the line for) So we thought the next best thing would be to check out the restaurant that the Chef of Franklin's and Uchi collaborated on. Get the best of both worlds in one. 


Fried Chicken

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