Anatomy of a Craft Cocktail

Craft cocktails are all the rage right now - and I'll tell you why it's neither faze nor fad. Craft cocktails are made with passion, skill and love greater than the sum of all its parts.

Anatomy of a craft cocktail -- a recipe in 5 parts:

-1 part exceptional ingredients

More often than not, craft cocktails utilize the best ingredients available. Fresh juices, homemade syrups, and small batch craft spirits result in delectable libations. The cocktail below features small batch dry gin, fresh mandarin orange juice, dry vermouth, and bitters.

-1 part detailed craftsmanship

Making a drink, similar to cooking, requires love and attention to detail. Taking the time to experiment with interesting ingredients and proportions is a labor of love. While craft bartenders might make it taste easy (and good!) we may never know how long they labored to get the flavor just right. Thank you!

- 1 part creative flair

Presentation is key - a beautiful garnish or piece of vintage glassware heightens the senses and creates anticipation. The artfulness of a beautifully executed cocktail excites us before we even wet our palates. We drink with our eyes, first.

- 1 part - well.. - many parts

Craft cocktails often include multiple ingredients from various spirit categories, creating interesting compositions. Herbs also play a major role (this flamed rosemary added an herbaceous smokiness to an old fashioned variation, which also included a rosemary tincture).  When done well, the result is symphonic!

1 part sentimentality

Finally - an appreciation for culture, history, art and terroir all contribute to the experience of drinking a craft cocktail. Knowing a little bit about the history of a cocktail, famous figure (or fictional character) that drank it, and where it is produced and under what conditions all round out the acquisition of joy that is imbibing a great craft cocktail.

Thus - I humbly proclaim the act of imbibing equally as significant as that of eating! What an amazing privilege it is to drink! 

About the Author

Spirits/Cocktails/Bar enthusiast who celebrates/promotes better side of drinking. I create cocktail recipes at home and take artsy fartsy photographs of my drinks @sip.ponder.repeat on Instagram.