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5 Unique Experiences in San Francisco

Known for its charming Victorian-Edwardian architecture, Haight-Ashbury hippie-vibe to its legendary queen capita, a vast collection of places are waiting to be discovered. With the cities allure, it is difficult not to notice how San Francisco radiates the creative, quirky and eccentric soul in all of us. One of the most captivating aspects of San Francisco are the individuals that have influenced the physiology of this city. Resulting in a one of a kind, unique experience not to be found anywhere else. 

Radio Habana Social Club 1109 Valencia Street, b/t 22nd and 23rd Street, SF, CA 94110

Radio Habana centralizes on the “wow” factor. Fearlessness is the key word when stepping into this bewildered twilight zone of mystery and suspense. As an enthusiast, wishes do come true for a gem this exotic, to be located in the heart of the Mission district. The name speaks for itself, but what is Cuban food? In simple terms, a culinary art form which blends African, Caribbean, Spanish and native indigenous roots all on one plate! From their classic Cuban black beans n’ rice and specials of the day, ropa vieja (stewed beef) to Indian Samosa and Fritatta Italiana, Radio Habana is a cozy hideaway from the busy city streets. Open every night from 7:30pm – 12 Midnight. 

Old Clam House theoldclamhousesf.com

Since 1861, the clam house establishment has gone through trials and tribulations, from the gold rush to surviving the 1906 earthquake. The structure of the (Oakdale) bar are the only remnants intact to this historic time capsule. With its noteworthy antiquity, it is no surprise the San Francisco hospitality begins with a simple glass of fresh clam juice to kickoff your 49ers experience! Seafood is written all over, literally, from Classic Cioppino and Roasted Dungeness Crab, to its quirky fishy cocktail list.  

Red Door Cafe 1608 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

With 6 tables, this jammin’ joint seats 2 per table, no more no less. Yes, hire a babysitter. Brunch comes with sass and class, delving all levels from Cuban, Thai, and New American, ending with an Italian “Bellissimo” hand gesture.  Laced with grandiose doll heads and portraits to its breathtaking menu to the star himself Ahmed, this magnificent experience hits every mark, good friends, good food, good times and one for the books. With a good attitude, Red Door Cafe is open only for drama-free brunches, Friday - Sunday.  

Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant 3132 Vicente Street, b/t 42nd & 43rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116 

Photo Credit: Foodnut.com

With an estimated 23 million, Chinese Muslims play a significant role within the Islamic history dating back 1,400 years. Fast forward to San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district, this peculiar establishment serves up a storm of Islamic Halal Chinese Muslim cuisine. This mind boggling concoction of Middle Eastern spices and Northwestern Chinese cuisine enhances every sensory receptors you have. Cumin lamb-lovers, welcome to a series awe-inspring techniques from steamed, baked, braised, stewed to sautéed interpretations.

Bourbon & Branch bourbonandbranch.com

A fine establishment for over 150 years, this speakeasy takes you back in time, a full prohibition disclosure, with time-honored House Rules. Premium liquors coat the redbrick walls, glistening in a warm low lighted velvet room. Handcrafted cocktails in a ageless library, what else can you ask for!  Online reservations recommended for groups or a "spake-aisy" password upon entry. 


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Radio Habana Social Club,
House Rules,
The Old Clam House,
Bourbon & Branch

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