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5 Seafood Standouts in an Infinite Sea of Options
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5 Seafood Standouts in an Infinite Sea of Options

Liana Lau
Published over 1 year ago

New York City is a twenty-four-hour amusement restaurant park brimming with 45,000 rides for all ages. An urban layout of 200 cuisines, for a daily estimate of 8.55 million thrill-seekers, probing for the next meal to savor. Excitement awaits you every time a door is opened, when your name is heard through the crowd to the seats that will take you on a remarkable experience. New York City converts every ingredient in the world, creating a melting pot of revolutionary art forms. Seafood is the Picasso, a predominant figure in this gargantuan metropolitan, innovative, forward-thinking and imaginative.


Achilles Heel achillesheelnyc.com

Off the East River in Brooklyn, a dock-workers' bar is nestled into a corner. Stepping through the entrance, rustic wooden floor planks share space with white molded ceilings cascading down the room. "Cozy" and "intimate" are the first thoughts conjured in this setting. Gracious people take you towards the wood-burning stove and your body settles down to unwind. Perusing through the quality list of cocktails on the daily menu, your eyes come to a stand-still. Is that? Yes. Clam Toast. Dressed with squash blossoms and hidden within creamy decadent beans, the aroma of clams bursts with intensity accompanied by a perfect rustic bread toast to hold its own, simplicity on another level. Clam shells open Monday - Friday at 4pm and Saturday - Sunday at 12pm with a daily changing menu.

Atoboy atoboynyc.com

Photo Credit: Village Voice

Korean-inspired tapas reconstructed and deconstructed for a perfect execution, each curated by four ingredients. Burrowed vertically by slated cement in Flatiron district, the tapas are jaw-droppingly clean, balance and straightforward, with lingering complexity. Atoboy creates twenty dishes, more than half which accentuates the ocean, serving up cobia with perilla, tartare with oyster, asparagus with spicy roe cod. But the star of the show, the French Bean smoked eel, grapes and black pepper. This will change your life, one skinny French bean at a time.

Laut lautnyc.com

Bursting colors of a Michelin star in Union Square, Laut in Malay translates to "sea." Southeast Asia, blending Malaysian, India, Singaporean and Thai. Spices rule the world in Laut creating intricate palatable flavors that will have you perfecting the pronunciations of Nesi Melak, Asam Laksa and Mee Goreng by the end of the experience. Combining traditional and modern techniques, the array of regional cuisines will seduce the nonbeliever. The Singapore Chili Crab partners with steamed and fried white buns used to dip generously in Laut's sweet, sour and spicy chili sauce, finger licking good. A one-way ticket to paradise is only a train ride away.

East Pole theeastpolenyc.com

Photo Credit: The New York Times

Welcomed by brownstone located in Upper East Side, East Pole’s concept is classic, timeless and deceiving beautiful. Locally sourced purveyors lavish each plate with organic and sustainable ingredients enhancing gazpacho with vanilla chive oil, seared diver scallops with tarragon cream to an array of farm-to-table macro plate. East Pole raises the bar with their Fennel Fish Pie, burrowed into an earthy cream, spoonful of Lobster and Pollack awaits to be found, encrusted within a superb buttery flaky crust. East Pole brings life to each dish, enhancing your taste buds with what mother nature intended.

Batard batardtribeca.com

Photo Image: TimeOut

Making your way towards Tribeca, the portmanteaus selection at Batard is one worth mentioning. From Amish hen, braised rabbit, quail egg coquettes to cured egg yolks and lemon thyme ice cream, Modern European, French and American themes shine in brilliance. Profile-raising is the infamous avant-garde Octopus Pastrami, a terrine canvas spread, constructed by imperfect white circular tentacles, and paired with Moutarde de Meaux – whole grain seeded mustard, enhancing this spectacular dish with its own distinct French bite.

Achilles Heel,
The East Pole,

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