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ALL Silicone 5 Piece Spatula Set (with silicone removable handles!) Deal on QVC - don't miss this!

by niki rothman 13 years ago

QVC: 1 800 345 1515. $19.81 (plus s & h) ITEM #: K-6132 This is the first place I have seen silicone spatulas WITH silicone handles. This is very important to own. Every other silicone spatul...

Chef Cutlery brand knives--what do you think of them?

by MaspethMaven 13 years ago

I've been asked to purchase new knives for my sister as gift from several members of the family. I plan to pick up a 10" chef's, a bread knife, a paring knife and a filet knife. Am wondering about ...

First Chef's Knife?

by ubermasonfan 14 years ago

Hi all. I've recently started cooking more since my SO and I have graduated college. I think its time for me to get a real chef's knife rather than the flimsy one that my parents gave me as a "ki...

Looking for Bistro dishes

by onefineleo 13 years ago

I want to purchase a set of everyday dishes......cream-colored with a band of red or burgundy. I've looked and looked on line and can't seem to locate them. Any ideas?

What cookware is on your Christmas list this year?

by JasmineG 13 years ago

Anything in particular that you're hoping to get, or that you're planning on giving? I'm hoping for a new good coffeemaker, maybe a good rolling pin, and looking around for other ideas. Definitely...

need a mandolin......

Dio di Romanese
by Dio di Romanese 13 years ago

I need a mandolin that has a 1/4 inch setting, any recs?

All Clad Factory Seconds Sale December 1 & 2 Washington, Pennsylvania

by grapevine 13 years ago

Located at the Washington County Fairgrounds. This is a big event around here, and the bargins are plentyful. It is best to have at least two people so that you can watch each others goods.

instant read thermometer use

by dijon 13 years ago

I have an older cuisinart instant read thermometer, has the dial scale, not digital. I think I have kind of been misreding it because I wait for the the temp to stop rising after inserting it for r...

Sushi/Sashimi Knife

by carln 14 years ago

I need to get a sushi knife and am willing to spend up to $150. Does anyone have any recommendations? It will be my first, but I plan on taking it fairly seriously. Thanks

Rosle can opener--only works on *some* cans

by BangorDin 13 years ago

A thing of beauty when it works, "unzips" the top of can leaving NO sharp edges. But it just doesn't work on some cans--I have to open with a regular opener after a go-round with the Rosle. Are c...

knife question

by rebs 13 years ago

i'm looking at santoku knives and was wondering if there is a big difference between the hollow edged knives and the regular flat edged knives? does the hollow edge affect the way you sharpen the ...

Rival oval 6 qt slow cooker-experiences?

by opinionatedchef 13 years ago

i've been researching this one and the cuisinart one. do you have either and do you have problems w them as far as the thermostat not working properly, or other defects? thanks much.

What yogurt maker should I ask for for Christmas?

Chris VR
by Chris VR 13 years ago

Yeah yeah, I know, I don't NEED a specialty yogurt maker to make yogurt. But with 2 little kids, I want it to be easy and foolproof and goshdarn it I just like gadgets. So there. ANy recommendat...

George Foreman Grills

by hab 18 years ago

Can anyone share some thoughts with me about George Foreman grills? The company had a booth at the recent US Open tennis championships and according to the sales people they claims the grills are ...

New pots and pans - moderate budget

by Ace_Mclean 13 years ago

I need a new set of pots and pans. To be honest, we were fond of the set we have - but they're worn out. Don't laugh, but it's a pampered chef set that we got a good deal on for hosting one of th...

Do you have a 6qt plus size slow cooker/crockpot?

by opinionatedchef 13 years ago

this board got me all hot and bothered to buy a crockpot for the first time, but i only cook in large batches, so 6 qts or larger capacity is a must for me. i spent a bunch of time researching croc...

Knife Sharpening

by Tracicat 13 years ago

Looking for somewhere to get my knives sharpened in Orange County, California.

Kitchen Essentials

by finewineserver 13 years ago

My daughter is getting married next Fall & I would like to assemble a selection of items basic & essebtial for someone just starting out. I'm thinking of everything from extremely useful widgets o...

Advice for building a kitchen from scratch?

by Tonyjlive 13 years ago

My fiance and I bought a house here in Philadelphia and it is a real fixer upper. We are tearing down the current kichen and rebuilding it. The dimensions will be 8 1/2 ft. long by 14 ft. wide so i...

Knife Sharpening in NYC (Queens)

by pellegrino31 13 years ago

I live in Forest Hills and am wondering if there are any places nearby that sharpen knives. I have a car so going to another neighborhood in the area isn't a problem.

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