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New Kitchenaid Mixer Professional Series

by leslie29 13 years ago

I received this ka mixer for Christmas, the bowl lift model, and I am having a real problem removing the bowl from the mixer. I have put the bowl down, removed the mixer attachment, and the instru...

cheap stockpots

by panoz 13 years ago

I'm looking for a stock pot that has a few simple requirements: boiling pasta (easy enough), handle a light sauté of mirapoix before adding stock to make soup, less than $30. I'm thinking 8 quart...

recycling stuff to use as cooking tools.

by choctastic 13 years ago

I have cookie cutters that I made from small cans that have both ends knocked out. I also use a wine bottle for a rolling pin. I'm interested other ideas for reusing stuff into cooking tools.

Gastrolux - anyone feedback?

by ML8000 13 years ago

Anyone have experience with Gastrolux pans and cookware? Just wondering about actual use, durability and the non-toxic non-stick claim. I'm not going out to buy one or a set anytime soon (given th...

White residue on vintage aluminum? cookware.........

by Displaced California Foodie 13 years ago

I am using one of my grandmother's "majestic cookware" pots- it may be aluminum? I use it to boil water for hard boiled eggs. Every time I use it a white residue appears in the pot. I inadvertently...

Sauerkraut roaster/cooker

by barbecuejudge 13 years ago

I am looking for a glass or stoneware type pan to roast sauerkraut in. Does anyone have any recommendations?

does anyone have any experience or thoughts about Bosch electric ranges?

by oleanatypefood 13 years ago

I am thinking of buying the Bosch slide in elec range. Does anyone have any advice about this range. thanks so much

Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor (DLC-10S) Issues

by DanielleM 13 years ago

I just got this Food Processor for Christmas. I cannot get the lid to slip onto the bowl and lock into place. I have the Large Sleeve Assembly: Large Pusher & Sleeve Assembly (Gray) for DLC-10...

casole d’Issel or cassole

by Paliman 13 years ago

These are the clay bowls in which cassoulet is made. Does anyone know any place in the United States that actually has one, or a mail order place in France from which one may be purchased? Ma...

Dinnerware That Doesn't Clank

by techbod 13 years ago

The other day, as I stacked clean dishes in the cabinet, I wished that plates didn't have to be so noisy. Even when I'm careful, there's clatter, clank, squeak and rattle emanating quite noisily. ...

help me choose a milk steamer

by wowimadog 13 years ago

may i have your recommendations on the best milk steamer for under $100? we have a milk frother and it's just not the same as steamed milk. please, only steamer recommendations. thanks.

GREAT Le Creuset Price on 5.5 Quart

by HaagenDazs 13 years ago

http://www.tanga.com/ This is a deal NOT to be missed! Great for gift giving too. Act fast, these deals do sell out... even if they don't sell out it's only available for 24 hours.

mixer dilemma

by sourdough 13 years ago

Hi, We bake several loafs of sourdough bread daily. We purchased a Kitchen Aid pro 600 mixer thinking it would be tough enough to handle our baking needs. Sadly, that's not been the case. We rep...

Seasoning Cast Iron with Duck?

by maillard 13 years ago

I received a beautiful Wagner cast iron pan for Christmas this year (hooray for eBay!). I am planning on eating lots of bacon to start the seasoning process, but I was wondering if roasting a duck...

Le Creuset Doufeu

by sagestrat 13 years ago

Does anyone have experience with the Le Creuset Doufeu? What is it best used for? Is it worth getting? Thanks, JenniferG

Cooktop question

by Candy 13 years ago

Fellow hounds you cannot begin to imagine how glad I am to see the end of 2006. It has not been a good year at all. Back surgery, splitting my forehead open the weekendx before Thanksgiving and get...

Anyone Know this Bloomingdales Brand?

by Deej 13 years ago

I just (as in this morning) purchased a 13-piece set of Bloomingdales Professional stainless steel cookware by All-Clad. All brand-new, in the box, for $200.00. So, where's the catch? I can't find...

apartment size kitchen range or cooktop for a small galley kitchen in the Back Bay

by oleanatypefood 13 years ago

I love to cook but have a 24inch GE stove in an apt size kitchen. I'd like a better stove .Maybe I could go up to a 30 inch size,. Does anyone know of any manufacturers (perhaps European as apts ar...

Potato ricer

by shazzer65 13 years ago

Any suggestions on good ones? Going to make the leap from mashing my mashed potatoes....

oven tray not a cookie tray

by scunge 13 years ago

I'm looking for an oven tray heavy enough to support an aluminum turkey roasting pan and to be able to bake pizzas,breads etc with a 1/4 to 1/2 ince high rim so that oils or other liquids don't run...

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