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Need Help Choosing Cookbooks...

by Juniper 15 years ago

My friend's birthday is coming up this weekend and I would like to get her a cookbook, as she is an avid cook/baker. Specifically, I would like to get her some innovative cookbooks about vegetarian...

Please explain the different mixers on a hand mixer!

by nooodles 15 years ago

I have a cheap hand mixer and have been wondering this for awhile: what's the difference between the two types of mixers? One is a thinner wire, a little thicker than the wires on a balloon whis...


by hello 15 years ago

does anyone know how to make crunchy amaretti like amaretti di saronno. they're so expensive and the cheaper brands or the same type aren't as good. crave them.

Looking for a creative ravioli filling

by amp156 15 years ago

I make ravioli fairly frequently and usually do butternut squash ravioli and wild mushroom ravioli. Also tried cheese, pear/fennel/blue cheese, and chicken/pancetta with moderate success. Looking...

F & W Romesco sauce-- yum!!!

by emdb 15 years ago

I just made the Feb. Food & Wine recipe for romesco sauce in their Spain issue-- yum! It is the best recipe for this sauce I have come across yet-- intensely nutty and garlicy and flavorful. You ...

cake decorating book

by jennyreese 15 years ago

Big challenge: my sister has asked me to bake her wedding cake. Date of event: May. I'm very excited -- but I've never baked an elaborate, highly decorative cake. I'm looking for some books/resourc...

Burr grinder recommendations?

by Chris Willging 15 years ago

A thread on the General Topics board has reminded me that I've been pining for a burr coffee grinder. I've checked out what's available at Amazon, and it seems like there's two price ranges. Some...

veal breast- where's the meat?

by twinmommy 15 years ago

I bought this cut to try it as a roast. I was told it would be fatty but delicious. Well, it was nothing but fat. I barely got two morsels of meat out of it. Is that the way it's supposed to be...

Food processor dilemma: Cuisinart vs. KitchenAid

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

I know this topic has come up before, but am needing some personal feedback at this time. Want to buy a good-sized (11 or 12 cup) food processor for my mom. I envision her using it to make pie doug...

weekly meal plans ??

by edinaeats 15 years ago

I am making the leap from someone who works at home (as a writer)to working from an office on a tight schedule. In addition to having to do major grocery shops- rather than shopping every day- ...

baking for a baker

by bluespoon 15 years ago

I've invited my friend over for supper on her birthday. I'm very excited, but trouble is, I work that day until 5pm and she is a baker, so I don't think the Betty Crocker mix/frosting in a can/spri...

"Brownulated" sugar???? Sweetener from hell....

by galleygirl 15 years ago

So, I had a baking mediocrity this weekend...Snowbound, at the BF's house....Vintage ingredients, none of my own recipes, only a Better Homes and Gardens (I think) or Betty Crocker cookbook.... N...

Tritan Crystal

by Jambalaya 15 years ago

Does anyone out there have any experience with this line? It looks nice, seems reasonably priced and I lke the idea of it being hard to break. I expect it can be gotten the cheapest on E-bay. An...

Food tv recipe discrepancies

by Mr. Taster 15 years ago

Has anyone else noticed that the FoodTV.com show recipe archive can be extremely inconsistent with the recipes shown on their corresponding TV shows? For example, (and as I posted below) I just m...

Challenge: Absurdly tall Meringue?

by eatsdc 15 years ago

Help? So I really love meringue. The pie (lemon, coconut, chcocolate, etc.) is less relevant than the tasty light sugary peaks of meringue. Does anyone have tips/recipes for desserts where the ...

Can you freeze red wine for cooking purposes?

by LB 15 years ago

I used some cabernet sauvignon yesterday to make a stew, and I have a lot leftover but I don't like it that much for drinking. My guess is that the answer to this is no: but can you freeze red wine...

Blueberry Muffin Recipe

by Anna 'Boo' Carroll 15 years ago

I bought what I thought was a comprehensive book on muffins recently and there isn't a blueberry muffin recipe in it! Does anyone have a quick, tasty blueberry muffin recipe they use with great s...

ISO a successful sourdough recipe

by Sunshine Girl 15 years ago

So my first attempt at sourdough bread failed miserably. A couple of things that might have caused the final product to resemble a hardened frisbee: - Starter was not at room temp when utilized. -...

Report back: Mediterranean dinner

by Sony 15 years ago

Thanks so much N Tocus and Coll! The roasted red peppers were so good that I didn't have any leftover to hang out and marinate...just have to remember to make a few more for next time! And the mous...