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Charity event recipes sought

by Greg Spence 15 years ago

I'm catering a party for a charity event next month in Austin. The menu will be centered around a Mexican parillada (sp?) or mixed grill. I'll be grilling shrimp, chorizos, kid goat, fajitas and ...

Curry Powders

by tina 15 years ago

Can you or have you ever combined two different brands of stroe-bought curry powder to put in a dish? What would be some of the concerns if I do?

What I ended up doing with my duck legs

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

I posted yesterday about a prep for duck legs that took less time than braising. I ended up with a sear-steam-broil method that worked quite well. To start, I seasoned the duck liberally with sal...

Ceviche - w/ white fish and green olives

by WildSwede 15 years ago

Had a version of Ceviche when in Chicago that was out of this world!! Wondering if anyone has a recipe for it? Thanks! Lisa

Simmering yogurt mystery-- can you or can't you do it?

by Spade 15 years ago

I've read never to simmer yogurt as it will seperate. I'd already confirmed this independently with a couple of Indian recipe disasters. However, I constantly see recipes that have you bring yogur...

marinated tofu recipe needed

by Weiszguy 15 years ago

Anyone have a good marinade for tofu? I'm trying to eat more of it and to get my son more into it... both of us prefer our tofu with some flavor, instead of plain. I'm looking for something easy ...

Sauce to top meat ravioli

by Shorts 15 years ago

Im having meat ravioli tonight - what's a good sauce on top of it besides a red sauce? Thanks, David

To poster "CF" - a request

by kim shook 15 years ago

Below you posted a delicious sounding set of directions for how you roast a chicken. I am going to try your method and would like to know what kind of sauce/jus you prepare to go with the chicken....

Silky, Creamy, Decadent....

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

It is tradition that I make a chocolate dessert for Valentine's Day for my Sweetheart (I give some to my husband too! {tee-hee}). Does anyone have a killer recipe which is heavy on chocolate, is ...

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

by Jeanne 15 years ago

Does anyone have a good recipe for a chocolate cake with a raspberry filling? I'm open to a light and airy cake or rich and fudgy. I've tried a variety of recipes, but can't find what I'm looking f...

Valentine Picnic - Menu Suggestions?

by berrybrain 15 years ago

I'm going on a picnic (at night - so it will be dark, but we'll have a fire) to the beach for Valentine's day, but can't really come up with any great menu ideas. Brownies will definitely be on th...

Duck Leg recipe help needed

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

I have two beautiful duck legs at home, and don't want to confit them. I considered braising them for a couple of hours, but I am not sure that's the best method since I adore crispy skin... I c...

What is a good Valentines Day dinner menu?

by Truelove 15 years ago

We don't normally make a big deal of these Hallmark holidays, but hey why not this year! So what is a good menu for the occassion to prepare for my lovely wife? Guidelines would be that there are o...

Shrimp Scampi - Tell me your favorite recipe!

by tina21 15 years ago

Would love to make shrimp scampi this weekend...please share your best recipe. Thanks so much!

Instead of canned soup in casserole...

by Hungryinla 15 years ago

Does anyone have a good substitute for canned condensed soups in casseroles? I wouldn't mind making a simple "sauce" from scratch. Thank you.

Pink Vegetarian food for bridal shower

by PizzaFace 15 years ago

The theme of the bridal shower is pink and the bride is a vegetarian, so we would like to prepare pink vegetarian food. Before throwing red food dye into everything, anyone have suggestions for na...

Pork Roll - A Photo Recipe

by elmomonster 15 years ago

I thought I'd share this with the hounds. This is my mom's recipe for pork roll, called "ngo yang". I don't have any exact measurements, since everything is done by eye and taste. Link: http://w...

Substitute for goose fat

by krissywats 15 years ago

I have a new French cookbook. I've haven't done much French cooking. I'm squeamish - spent several years not eating meat because I couldn't stand the thought of where it comes from. I'm back to ...

Frozen Salmon Roe - Do I rinse it?

by Shiro Miso 15 years ago

Picked some up at my local Japanese fishmonger and thawed it overnight in the fridge. The eggs seem to be sticking together. (I imagine along the way some of these eggs broke and the contents are...

CIA's "Kitchen & Cook" magazine

by Tom Meg 15 years ago

I like the new magazine put out by the Culinary Institute of America, called "Kitchen & Cook". Even though it's CIA, it's not about restaurant food. Seems targeted towards the serious-minded h...