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lasagna: assemble now, cook later?

by versicle 14 years ago

I'm making lasagna for an office party. If I assemble it on Sunday and bake it on Monday, do I need to precook the noodles? Or will they absorb a lot of liquid while they sit overnight? I don't wan...

How to Take My Damned Flaxeed

by Jim Leff 14 years ago

I hold in my hand a packet of FiPro Flax, specially milled cold-milled certificed organic flaxseed, from a very legitimate-sounding company called "Health from the Sun". Four tablespoons of FiProFL...

Chicken florentine lasagne with pecans recipe?

by rufus1 14 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for the above? I was at a lunch and the hostess made it but, would not share the recipe and it was delicious.

What is the purpose for those saute/blending spoons with a hole? nm.

by utensils 14 years ago

NO Message; just subject.

Greenbean Casserole w/o soup

by sku 14 years ago

I'm trying to find a recipe for greenbean casserole without that gloppy cream of mushroom soup (i.e. using cream and real mushrooms). Does anyone have one?

I made the Pear Cake posted below - Now the Question!

by Hungry Girl 14 years ago

I made the delicious sounding Pear Cake for my department (work) staff pot luck holiday luncheon, which is today. I peeled too many pears and ended up making pear sauce (like apple sauce)- would ...

Soliciting ideas for an excess of shrimp stock

by tbear 14 years ago

A couple months ago I decided to make some room in the freezer by making stock out of the gargantuan bag of shrimp shells I had been accumulating. Of course that didn't save any room because now I...

Filipino Ensainada

by CAthy2 14 years ago

Hi, OVer on the general topics board, there was a discussion of Filippino shops having an abundance of Edam cheese during the holidays. One use is for making Ensaimada, a brioche type roll with ...

Brandade recipe?

by amp156 14 years ago

Does anyone have a great recipe for Brandade/Bacalao/whipped salt cod? I'm making for the first time and can't find a recipe that I am comfortable with. Thanks

Sauces for Beef Tenderloin - Please help!!! I'm BORED!!!

by woo! 14 years ago

I'm getting tired of my old tried and true beef tenderloin sauces. Any ideas/help would be appreciated. I'm cooking for 25 people on Saturday and would've probably done a dijon-dill-cream sauce, bu...

baking with Benecol/Take Control Light

by kiwi 14 years ago

Everyone is driving me crazy with this pear cake! So it's all your fault(s?)that I have to make it NOW, but all I've got are the above in the way of butter-type items. Possible? Adjustments? T...

suggestions to salvage my mango cheesecake?

by Wendy Lai 14 years ago

So I baked this mango cheesecake for my party next week. It's perfect, no craks, beautifully yellow, smells wonderful. BUT my springform pan betrayed me and leaked water into the crust! So inste...

best gingerbread men recipe?

by wurstle 14 years ago

looking for a recipe for gingerbread men/women. I prefer soft (but not too cakey) to crisp and with a nice "bite" spicewise. any favorites out there?

Spinach souffle recipe request

by CatherineC in NYC 14 years ago

I have been asked to make a spinach souffle for a Christmas Eve event. Does anyone have a good, reliable recipe for one? I have sought online and keep finding recipes that call for Stouffer's (wh...

Crabcake overload - ISO best recipe

by JAS 14 years ago

East coast girl seeking best recipe one can possibly muster to recreate on the westcoast. Not a huge fan of green peppers, but willing to try just about anything else. Also, any tips for aiolis or ...


by mag 14 years ago

I've got a HUGE jar of nuetlla as a gift. As much as I love Nutella, I honetly think I will have a heart attack from finishing this jar on its own. Any suggestions for recipes using Nutlla? thanks!

two products made me a better baker-- to my chagrin!

by Mrs. Smith 14 years ago

Well I've done less baking than usual this holiday season because we have a new baby in the house, but I have done some. And I'm just floored by the effectiveness of two products. One is the Do...

Freezing (cooked) short ribs?

by Fidelixi 14 years ago

Would it be okay to make a mega-batch of ribs and then freeze them in ziplocks? How long would they stay at their prime and what would the negative effects be? Could therre possibly be a better d...

Bacon in the Oven (with brown sugar?)

by Chris 14 years ago

I could swear I once saw a recipe for this. Anyone have it? Has anyone tried it? I am actually having a brunch party and am looking for a way to cook bacon in bulk. Let me know if the oven is ...

last minute ingredients you always forget

by annab 14 years ago

Spending my first Christmas in UK and from what I understand there will be no grocery shops open on Christmas or Boxing day. A far cry from NYC when Christmas day trips to the Key Food for forgotte...