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Need some advice!

by Norazack 12 hours ago

Hello to everyone. I hope everything in your life is going well. I'd like to get some advice from you all. I own and operate a digital marketing firm in Ontario, Canada. I'd like to know how to app...


Foods/Spice Palate by country?

by LOL303 23 hours ago

So my food nerd is about to come out...I am looking for a book that lists by country/cuisine the typical spice palate and most used foods. I want to play around with, for example, creating simple ...


Do professional chefs actually use Non-stick pans?

by mkqq 1 day ago

Just wondering if professional chefs actually use non-stick pans (Telfon, Ceramic) etc....? On Youtube I see chefs like Jamie Oliver using Tefal Pans, Gordon Ramsay using other non-stick pans, a...

December 2021 COTM, Companion thread: Milk Street Tuesday Nights Mediterranean

by LulusMom 1 day ago

Some of us have expressed interest in cooking together from this book, and now seems like a good time, since we're doing Milk Street Tuesday Nights. Let's use this thread to report on recipes from ...

top 10 indian spices

by kesargrocery 1 day ago

here are top 10 best Indian spices list that are used in every indian dishes. Getting familiar with these spices is a great first step in your knowledge. Turmeric (Haldi) Cumin (Jira) Green Card...

DECEMBER 2021 COTM Milk Street Tuesday Nights: Easy Additions, Supper Salads, Pizza Night, One Pot, Roast and Simmer and Sweets reports, pages 212-40

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 days ago

This is the reporting thread for the following chapters of Milk Street Tuesday Nights by Christopher Kimball: Easy Additions 212-241 Supper Salads 242-275 Pizza Night 276-309 One Pot 310-335 ...

DECEMBER 2021 COTM: Milk Street Tuesday Nights - Fast, Faster, Fastest reports - pages 1-228

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 days ago

This is the reporting thread for the first three chapters of Milk Street Tuesday Nights by Christopher Kimball: . Fast (pp 1-87) Faster (pp 88-171) Fastest (pg 205-228) If you are the first ...


DECEMBER 2021 COTM Milk Street Tuesday Nights - Main Thread

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 days ago

Here's the main thread for Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Tuesday Nights. Please use this thread for discussion of the book as a whole, ingredients or online recipes. Links to the reporting t...


What's For Dinner #458 (December 2021) - Season's Greetings!

by Amandarama 2 days ago

Oh my goodness it is already December! Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - with our modif...


December 2021 DOTM – TAMALES

by MidwesternerTT 3 days ago

Welcome to our DOTM (Dish of the Month) reporting thread for December 2021. Our dish this month is Tamales. A tutorial at Taste of Home provided this helpful info: “Tamales are corn husk-wrappe...


When do you stop brushing liquor onto your fruitcake?

by vjb 3 days ago

The fruitcake recipe says to wrap the fruitcake in brandy-soaked cheesecloth, and then to re-moisten the cheesecloth occasionally with more brandy. But it doesn't say when to leave off? Anyway...


10mm+ thick copper

by ceasar2k6 3 days ago

This is for sale on eBay. Looks delicious. seems to be 10mm or something... Hand made. Seller says it was bought at Neiman Marcus years ago.. I am not associated with the seller, just a fellow d...


Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets for Sweet & Sour?

by zackly 3 days ago

I've never been able to duplicate the battered chicken (or pork) pieces like the ones I get (or used to get) at good Chinese restaurants. Besides being shatteringly crispy they have a layer that's ...


Al/SS bimetal cookware options

by ar1338 3 days ago

Second attempt at posting b/c of malfunctioning spam filter: All I am aware of at present is the viking HA, All Clad MC2, and All Clad LTD, as well as a Carlson pan. I like the MC2 and LTD, b...

Aluminum/SS bimetal options?

by ar1338 3 days ago

All I am aware of at present is the viking HA, All Clad MC2, and All Clad LTD, as well as a Carlson pan. I like the MC2 and LTD, but consider them barely adequate for evenness. I find clad su...


Kamala Harris buys $500+ of cookware at E. Dehillerin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

Some how I missed the controversy till now over VP Kamala Harris spending $500+ at E. Dehillerin during her recent diplomatic trip to Paris. In the video of her shopping she says, " I just want to ...

Miyoko's Creamery Vegan Butter Cooking Channel

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

Miyoko's Creamery has launched a 12-episode vegan cooking channel on youtube with butter-forward dishes. https://www.youtube.com/miyokoscreamery The full schedule for the new Miyoko's channel i...


Thickness Master Listing

by mobiledynamics 4 days ago

I take delivery of what I know will be a thin pan, even for tri ply standard. Eh, it was -free- due to a GC, and will muster as a large pretty mixing bowl. I have a MM in hand so I'm actually able ...


Dumb Chili question?

by sbbodcderf 4 days ago

I hesitated asking a dumb question like this, but here goes. I'm just looking to prepare Ree Drummonds simple chili recipe, but I'm out of tomato sauce. What do you think of substituting a jar ...