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Copper pan in oven

by bloodboy 3 hours ago

I saw this thread here about Mauviel's cast iron handles: https://www.chowhound.com/post/mauviel-cast-iron-handles-1048735 No-one specifically mentioned if it was ok to actually season the hand...

Pickled onion questions

by sweet100s 3 hours ago

How long will pickled onions keep in the fridge? Which onions is your favorite onion to use for pickling?


What's For Dinner #438 (April 2020) - Spring

by Amandarama 7 days ago

Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - with our modifications noted. What's for Dinner? Phot...

Weekly Menu Planning - April 2020

by MidwesternerTT 15 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in April. In these times like no other, we strive to nourish ourselves and our families while juggling an extra load of w...

Replicating Cafe Orlin millet pancakes?

by kazhound 4 hours ago

I used to love the millet pancakes at Cafe Orlin in the east village in NYC. Part of my pandemic coping strategy is to make things that I always meant to do but never got around to, and this one ha...


Passover planning

by sciencediet 1 day ago

So, how is everyone handling Passover this year (aside from the Zoom seder, which in our case will be brief)? I realized that one side effect of everyone having individual seders is that we are eac...


CREPES - April 2020 Home Cooking Dish of the Month

by herby 7 days ago

Please use this thread to report on various ways to make and serve crepes that you make this month and in many months to follow. In your reports, do share ingredients, methods, sources, inspiration...

Making my own shrimp chips?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 9 days ago

I'm thinking about making my own shrimp chips, since it sounds like a sort of drawn out project that I actually now have time for. It seems like it could be fun. I found this recipe: https://ww...


by Querencia 4 months ago

I had forgotten Sausage Balls until recently I was going through my recipe file then I quickly made them again. Maybe this will be useful to someone at this time of year as they are easy, quick, de...


What Are You Baking These Days? April 2020 - The Stuck-at-Home Edition!

by TorontoJo 7 days ago

Hope you are all staying safe and sane in these strange, uncertain times. What are you baking to keep yourselves nourished and calm?


Your Quarantine/Distancing Pan

by kaleokahu 2 days ago

So in these troubling times, are you reaching for one pan more than others? More than you used to? And what resemblance might it bear to your imaginary Desert Island pan?

What's happening in your home kitchen right now?

by gutreactions 8 days ago

For some, home cooking is the way to go. Nothing wrong with that. But now, with coronavirus restrictions in place in many parts of the country, the home kitchen is being used like never before. How...


Roasting a Chicken... Help

by bxgirl 3 days ago

As if things in New York City aren't tough enough with Covid-19, my stove had a gas leak last Sunday, and the gas to my stove and oven had to be turned off. Fast forward to cooking on a two-burner ...


What's the best way to rescue a thin chicken stock?

by TKB21 18 hours ago

I've been making my stocks in an 8qt stock pot but needed more room for each cook. I recently upgraded to a 16qt but have been making the mistake of filling it to full capacity. To give you an idea...

Grease fire in cast iron skillet

by home_chef 20 days ago

I accidentally started a grease fire in my Lodge cast iron skillet and that seemed to leave a grey-brown patch in the center. Does anyone know what the grey-brown patch is? After that, I rubbed ...


Your Covid Easter

by ZoeyCovey 5 days ago

How are you handling Easter this year? Mom is doing the ham, and making boxed foods and things for the kids for family that can be picked up. We are trying to it figure out. what are your thoug...


Easily Available Onions For Storage

by Unkle Al 20 hours ago

Which commonly available onions are best for storage? The supermarket has lots of varieties but some do not last long.


Just bought Staub 28 cm ECI DarkBlue cocotte because I’m weak...

by CHSeifert 1 day ago

Do I need this ECI pot during a civilisation threatening covid_19 virus crisis ? Hell NO ! Do I need it at all ? No, not at all. Does it perform extremely well for me for certain dishes ? ...


Your favorite recipe using oats (not overnight)

by tweetie 3 days ago

I've begun baking through my stockpile of dry goods and seem to have 3 large canisters of old fashioned oats. While I search to find a food pantry that might want some I'm looking for suggestions ...