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2-Gallon Airtight Glass Canisters?

by ninrn 3 hours ago

Has anyone come across a good deal on large, 2- to 3-gallon, airtight glass jars or canisters? I thought some people here might use them for fermentation.


Information on the ease of use of the Eat Your Books Website

by olunia 1 day ago

Hello Everyone! I’m looking for more information on EYB. I would like answers to specific questions to decide if I would like to become a paying member. Please answer the following questions t...


COTM October 2021 - The Book of Greens, Cookbook of the Month Announcement

by LulusMom 1 day ago

It’s always fun when a perennial bridesmaid becomes a bride, and this month that has happened. The Book of Greens, by Jenn Louis, will be our Cookbook of the Month (COTM). I’ll put up a main thread...


True flat bottom pans?

by rutledj 1 day ago

Does anyone make a decent non-stick fry pan that actually has a flat bottom. Almost every one I've tried in the last few years are domed in the middle. All the oil\juices run to the outside edges. ...


Cooking Apple Varieties, Yuck

by Querencia 2 days ago

1) It is nearly October and I have not seen a single McIntosh or Rome apple. Why? 2) I am not really in love with Granny Smiths, which I find boring. 3) What I see around me is what I think are ea...


Special Pasta Bowls, ISO

by zackly 2 days ago

I would like to get some large, individual pasta bowls that are spectacular. I've checked out the chains, Crate & Barrel, Pier One, Amazon etc. I don't know what I want but like the Supreme Court ...


Fantasy Cookbook Library

by LOL303 2 days ago

I am a serious cookbook junkie that needs to minimize. I tend to eat paleo-ish, meaning more meat, produce and healthy fats. I love Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese/Thai, Indian and Southern (eg Vi...


Salads are my Achilles heel...

by soccermom13 3 days ago

As we head into winter and (I hope and pray) the Delta variant becomes less of a threat, I hope to have people over for a meal once in a while. I often serve a heavy one dish main such as Baked Zi...


Fall and Winter Sales, Specials

by drrayeye 4 days ago

Here ae some opportunities to get us started: All Clad VIP seconds sale is going on right now. Looks interesting--but no spexcial bargains I noticed. Zwilling/Hencles has a Fall sale for Staub, ...


Leg of Lamb

by Steve 4 days ago

I have a leg of lamb cut up into large bone-in chunks. Not sure at all what to do with it. Does anyone have a cherished recipe or insight into making something great with this? I am wide open to...


How to Age Wilton Armetale

by mp3clark 4 days ago

Hi all! Trying to age some of my vintage armetale cook and dinnerware for a more rustic vibe. I’ve seen some people manage to get their pieces almost black by putting them in the dishwasher, but mi...


October Dish of the Month (DOTM) - Nominating thread

by LulusMom 5 days ago

It’s nomination time here at Dish of the Month. What dish sounds especially exciting to cook together this month? What would make best use of early autumn produce that we’re able to get our hands o...

Free Film Screening: The Ants & The Grasshopper and Q&A with Raj Patel, 9/26

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

About the film: “Anita Chitaya has a gift; she can help bring abundant food from dead soil, she can make men fight for gender equality, and she can end child hunger in her village. Now, to save ...


A 4 qt pot or saucepan for soups and sauces

by curiouspeter 6 days ago

I got a 6.7 qt Fissler. It is nice and useful but a bit big for everyday use as I cook only for two people. I want to get something in the 4 qt range to make soups or sauces. Should I get a 20cm...


Tipping Etiquette

by mtskeeter 6 days ago

So, I have been told this week that when I pick up my to-go takeout I should tip 15-20%. I will gladly tip 20%+ for a dine in experience, but 15-20% for takeout? Is this a new trend because of th...


Crab Cakes in Astoria, Ore.

by GH1618 6 days ago

In past posts I have lamented the loss of Dungeness crab cakes at Wet Dog (now named something else) and Aspen Grove (out of business), but today I have good news to report. I happened to be here ...

Crystal Consultancy

by hgautam2120 8 days ago

Crystal Consultancy is just one of the leading Ngo Consultancy Firms providing qualified companies that includes Trust fund Sign up, Society/NGO Formation, FCRA Sign Up for Foreign Funding, 12a and...

October 2021 COTM - Voting thread

by LulusMom 8 days ago

The nomination thread has closed and we have narrowed it down to The Book of Greens with 7 votes and From the Oven to the Table with 11 votes. It’s now time to vote for the book you’d like to cook ...

Cheap eats in BosWash?

by saacnmama 9 days ago

We'll be doing the grand college tour, and need to eat along the way. In Boston, we’ll be staying near the Back Bay T stop and looking at schools all over town. In NYC, we’ll be on the Uppe...

Who Uses Tomato Mustard?

by kaleokahu 9 days ago

.. or adds mustard to tomato-based sauces? This strikes me as a little counterintuitive, but a little Googling shows it's a thing. I see many references to hand-me-down recipes that combine the...