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March 2019 COTM Cravings: Hungry for More - Breakfast & Brunch, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches

by islandmermaid 9 months ago

Welcome to Chrissy Teigen Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of CRAVINGS: HUNGRY FOR MORE - BREAKFAST & BRUNCH, page 11 SOUPS, page 42 SALAD...

Cookware Performance on Induction (Part 2)

by VFish 15 days ago

Part 1: https://www.chowhound.com/post/performing-cookware-induction-1086816 Since the other post has over 300 comments, I thought it would be best to continue on a new one. Tonight I purchas...


What’s for Dinner #434 (December 2019) - Fall/Winter

by sallyt 4 days ago

Here's where we help each other decide "What's for Dinner,” celebrate (or commiserate about) our nightly dinner results, and share recipes - with our modifications noted. What's for Dinner? Phot...


Are readers of "The Kitchn" picky-picky-picky? Recipe ratings always seem low...

by CookingChemicalEngineer 1 day ago

Someone posted a recipe here recently that the poster had found on The Kitchn website. When I looked at the recipe, it seemed like it would be pretty nice, but noted the overall rating was 2.8/5 s...

Cutlery and More Mauviel with Stainless steel no coating

by Curlyjeepgirl 2 hours ago

I see that Mauviel has a line exclusive to Cutlery and More with the stainless handles withouto the iron coating. CHSeifer, does this look like what you have? I read that you ordered direct from Fr...


Mauviel M tradition

by Curlyjeepgirl 14 hours ago

I'm looking at an 11/8 frypan Mauviel Mtradition with tin lining. I'd like to experience tin, which i hear is superior. Is $324 a good price for this pan?


Cookware Performance on Induction (Part 3)

by VFish 17 hours ago

And now for something completely different. I'd like to start off this round with a purchase I decided upon, because for a saucier, I *really* wanted the responsiveness of copper. It had been n...



by Regnar21 16 hours ago

Hello, I have not seen this posted anywhere in years, but never found a resolution, so here we go: I cook a lot of octopus. I will Sous Vide, Boil, Boil and Grill, Sous Vide and Grill, etc. I ...

Anyone familiar with Italian ranges? ILVE, Fratelli, etc.

by vchipp 9 years ago

I have been researching ranges actively and had posted some questions a while back. I remain uncertain as to direction - I really want a stylish range with good performance, but also want quality....

What was Roman Meal Cereal??

by toodie jane 13 years ago

I used to make a killer banana bread from a recipe on the box of Roman Meal Cereal. I still have the recipe, but unfortunately RMC is no longer available. It made the best chewy, whole-grain text...


Grist for the Thermal Mill

by kaleokahu 1 day ago

I thought I'd post this for anyone who's sincerely interested in comparing and modeling thermal performance in conventional cookware materials. According to these citated authors, the effective tr...

Copper Rondeau

by FlamBay 4 months ago

So I have been thinking about breaking down and getting a nice piece of copper. I settled on the Rondeau because I could use it stove top or in the oven. I have a friend who is a big Falk fan so...

Advice needed on Ilve gas range

by kitten38 6 years ago

Looking at the Ilve gas range to go in a new kitchen. Has anyone bought one in the last year and what's your opinion?


Counter depth fridge that can be installed w/o gaps

by OaklandGal 4 days ago

I am researching counter depth stainless side by side (not French doors) refrigerators for a friend who’s house burned down in the California fires last year. She wants the look of built in but pre...


Mashed Potato - do you prefer a potato ricer?

by CHSeifert 1 day ago

I just got myself my first ever potato ricer. The mashed potato is more like a purée, when I use this device instead of the traditional potato hand masher where you mash the potatoes directly i...

What went wrong with my tamales?

by few35t 4 years ago

I finally decided to try my hand at making tamales the other day, but something went wrong. Once they were done steaming I took one out to try and it was really dry. I was surprised by this as I ...

Weekly Menu Planning December 2019

by MidwesternerTT 12 days ago

Let’s use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week in December. It's helpful if you can include your location and how many people you are feeding. Links to recipes are always ...


Sitram Sitra Bella

by valveeta300b 1 day ago

I’m helping a friend track down some enameled cast iron as a gift for her husband. Her husband liked the look of a Le Creuset oval dutch oven, but we didn’t luck out with their outlet prices like I...