Why You Need A Waffle Maker For Top Tier Meatloaf Sandwiches

If you have leftover meatloaf, you don't need to settle for a basic reheat. Instead, use this trick from Lifehacker to create a meatloaf sandwich to remember. A waffle maker has plenty of unexpected uses; you can use this handy appliance to reheat and grill everything from pizza to grilled cheese. It is also the perfect tool to reheat meatloaf for sandwiches, adding crispiness at each of the points where the meatloaf comes into contact with the appliance. You can use a full-size waffle maker or a mini one for meatloaf sliders.


A simple basic meatloaf works for this recipe, but you can also jazz things up with special tricks; for example, cheese makes a tasty addition to a meatloaf sandwich. You can place it on the bread or over the reheated meatloaf slice if you don't already have shredded cheese mixed into the loaf itself. If reheating a stuffed meatloaf slice in the waffle maker, be extra careful to place and remove it carefully to avoid a mess.

Making a meatloaf sandwich in the waffle maker

Like a panini press, a waffle maker applies heat from the bottom and top. This cooks food faster, and creates grill marks on both sides. To use the waffle maker, preheat it on medium before putting the meatloaf on the surface. Be mindful of where you place the slice, taking care to keep it away from the edges. If you put it over the edge, you risk the meatloaf falling apart.


Reheating meatloaf in a waffle maker requires a gentle touch. The tension on the closing mechanism might vary depending on the thickness of your slice of meatloaf. Waffle batter pours into each groove, and lets the waffle maker close completely, but a slice of meatloaf will likely not allow the maker to close all the way. The exact cooking time depends on the thickness of the meatloaf slice. Once it is done, remove the hot and crispy slice of meatloaf with a wooden spoon, spatula, or set of chopsticks. Be careful, because both the waffle maker and the meatloaf will be hot.