Turn Canned Tomatoes Into The Tastiest Soup With One Extra Ingredient

Sometimes, when cooking, the most unexpected ingredients make the biggest difference in a dish's flavor profile. A dash of salt can instantly transform store-bought ice cream into an artisanal dessert, while a sprinkle of sugar is a surprisingly tasty addition to fish. Even recipes that have stood the test of time can benefit from a few unorthodox tweaks. Take tomato soup, for example. This classic comfort food has been beloved for generations — not only for its warm, nostalgic taste, but also for its straightforward preparation. Simply blend up some roasted tomatoes and mix with cream and broth, and you're left with decadent, creamy tomato soup. That's already a pretty good deal, but with just one simple addition, you can take the rich savory taste of tomato soup to the next level. All you need is a bit of brown sugar.


Before putting your seasoned tomatoes in the oven to roast, coat them with a tablespoon or two of brown sugar. The brown sugar will caramelize as it cooks, imbuing the tomatoes with a sweet yet subtle molasses flavor.

Brown sugar elevates tomato soup

After the tomatoes have cooked down, you can continue on with your recipe as normal. Along with adding sweetness, the brown sugar will also bring out the tomato's own unique flavor, resulting in a more robust tomato soup overall — which will go perfectly with extra crispy grilled cheese! Despite having more depth, this recipe may also be a good choice for people who aren't the biggest fans of tomatoes, as the sugar balances out the more acidic notes.


This hack works perfectly with canned tomatoes, which are preferred when making soup for their reliability and intense taste. Just be sure to thoroughly drain the tomatoes before roasting them. Of course, you can also add brown sugar when making soup with fresh tomatoes. Or, if you don't have time to cook, you can even add a pinch to canned tomato soup to give it a bit of an upgrade. Fresh or canned tomatoes, the end result is a soup that is equal parts familiar and new, with a refined taste that will bring a hint of sophistication to cozy nights in.