Swap Your Jack And Coke For A Retro 7 And 7

Ok, Jack and Coke is a classic cocktail. And really not a cocktail at all. Jack and Coke are in the category of mixed drinks known as highballs, which usually consist of two ingredients: Alcohol mixed in with a larger portion of a non-alcoholic drink. The non-alcoholic portion is usually soda of some kind, or sparkling water, though it can also be any number of beverages. The tasty mixture of Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola (or Pepsi, to be controversial) is a staple at any bar, party, or simply a night spent inside, watching your favorite TV show, and for a very good reason. The drink is so popular that you can now buy a pre-canned version of Jack and Coke, and it's a bartop staple that has proven to be many a person's go-to order.


However, you might consider swapping out that classic Jack and Coke for something a little more retro. Though Jack and Coke is the king of the highball game, some very delicious contenders just might prove to be a great alternative. And one classic highball you might consider is a 7 and 7. The citrus-heavy highball consists of Seagram's 7 Crown Whiskey along with a pour of 7 Up soda. The drink is sweet, simple, and a brighter alternative to the classic Jack and Coke, bringing a citrus twist to the whiskey that highlights a whole other side to the liquor shelf staple.

A simple cocktail that's long on flavor

Like the classic Jack and Coke, a 7 and 7 has a whiskey base. However, a Jack and Coke uses Jack Daniels, and a 7 and 7 uses a Seagram 7 Crown Whiskey base. But you can also reach for a few other whiskey choices for your highball. Both drinks are classic highballs with roots in the Prohibition era. Prohibition was a surprisingly rich time for cocktails and mixed drinks despite the illegality of alcohol. However, whereas Jack and Coke became a universal classic, the 7 and 7, though still popular, has taken on more of a retro flare. The drink combines the lemon-lime flavors of 7 Up with the warm taste of whiskey.


The 7 and 7 highball is the perfect contrast to the warm taste of a Jack and Coke, which blends the vanilla notes of whiskey with the caramel notes of Coke. Instead, a 7 and 7 brightens up the whiskey's vanilla notes, making it a much more refreshing and bright alternative to a Jack and Coke, which might prove to be too heavy for some palates. Beyond this, a sweet and tangy 7 and 7 can be the perfect highball to transition from winter into spring, combining the comforting warmth of whiskey with the fresh and bright taste of citrus. So next time you're looking for the perfect pairing for your whiskey highball, you might just want to reach for a can of 7 Up over Coca-Cola.