Is Whole Foods Open Or Closed On Easter Sunday 2024?

Maybe you forgot the Easter ham or simply ran out of butter. No matter how big or small your food emergency is on Easter, you'll want to know where to go to fix any holiday grocery snafus. Now, you might think to check your neighborhood Whole Foods Market. After all, the grocery store is owned by Amazon, which is widely renowned for its convenience in fast delivery and round-the-clock service. So it stands to reason that the large grocery retailer would be open on the major holiday. But is this the case? Well, according to Whole Foods, most of its stores will be open on the holiday. However, its website also noted that the store hours will be modified. No universal modifications were specified. However, the website encourages customers to contact their local store to check their store's exact hours, as each store may differ in its Easter hours.


The nationwide grocery chain includes an extensive bakery, deli, and of course, the popular Whole Foods prepared foods section. Like many grocery stores, Whole Foods offers seasonal foods that align with the Easter holiday. Whole Foods also offers a selection of catered foods for the Easter holiday. The deadline to order Easter holiday catering for 2024 is Friday, March 29. Catered meals can be ordered on the Whole Foods website. However, if you're hoping to put together your own holiday meal, you can still find plenty of necessary ingredients at your local Whole Foods.

The holidays at Whole Foods

And, of course, Whole Foods also offers seasonal items for spring, which you can bring to your festive Easter gathering. One of Whole Foods' best spring offerings is its Mango Yuzu Chantilly cake, which features a mango buttercream and Yuzu fruit filling. Yuzu is a Japanese fruit that has a citrus taste. The cake would make a perfect Easter dessert and is a colorful alternative to Whole Foods' iconic Berry Chantilly cake, which has grown a cult following over the years. And, like the Chantilly cake, the Mango Yuzu Chantilly cake comes in multiple sizes and variations. 


If you're looking to take advantage of Whole Foods' Easter catering services, you will find that, like its holiday store hours, Whole Foods' holiday catering selections also vary by location. So you will want to check with your local Whole Foods location to see what food options the location closest to you offers.